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三年级英语上册 Unit5 Lesson3-4教案 北师大版

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北师大版三年级英语上册教案Unit 5 Our school Lesson 3 Teaching aims


Teaching emphasis

Read the word

Teaching difficulty


Teaching process

Step 1


Welcome to our school . Thank you

This is our ---- teacher

Teachers’ Day

Be carefully

I’m sorry


Who’s he/she ?

He/She is our ---- teacher

Step 2

Ask the student to show them the picture and introduce the school Step 3

Words to learn

Play the tape and ask student point to the word

Listen and repeat

Read by themselves

Do some exercise

Teacher say words student point to the word and repeat

Step 4

Listen to this


T: Who’s he/she?

S: He/She is our ---- teacher

Listen to the tape and write the number

Listen and repeat

Read out the sentence together

Step 5

Teach a song

Tell the children that they are going to learn a rhyme about the room in a house Pointing to each picture elicit the name from the children

Ask them what can you see in each room

Read the rhyme to the children point to each word

Play the tape for the whole rhyme

Play the tape again and have children join in

Have the children point to the picture in their books as they listen to the tape again Blackboard writing


Sing the song to your parents


Lesson 4

Teaching aims

复习比较This is----,让学生熟练掌握 these are-----的问句及应答,在适当场合能够运用。 Teaching emphasis

Are these (books)?

Yes, they are

No, they aren’t

Teaching difficulty

Read the sentences


Teaching process

Step 1



Classroom playground Chinese English music art math school office music our their Sentences

Who’s this ?

This is our ---- teacher, Miss Yang

Is this your English teacher?

Yes, it’s /No, it isn’t


New teaching

This is a book

These are books

These are our books

These are their books

Are these your books ?

Yes, they are /No, they aren’t

Do it in pairs

Step 3

Uncle Booky’s blackboard

Look and read

Read after teacher

Step 4

Do some exercise

Who’s he/she?

He/She is ---

Point to the words in the speech bubble

Read after the teacher

Are these their book?


Yes,they are

Put the children in pairs

Do the exercise

Step 5

Sing a song

Student book page 53

Point to the toys and say :”What are these?”

“whose toys are these”

“They are Bobby’s and Lulu’s”

read the first two lines ,pointing to each word and have the children repeat read the third and fourth lines

read by yourself

listen to the tape

listen and repeat

Blackboard writing

Are these ----

Yes, they are

No, they aren’t


Write the sentence for three times



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