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三年级英语上册 unit4(5)教案 北师大版

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(北师大版)三年级英语上册教案unit4Unit 4 dinner time!










Step1. warm up 3’

How much is the pen? It is 5 yuan .

How much is the book? It is 7 yuan .

Whose books are they? They are ken’s.

We visit uncle booky with mocky. We are so happy.

Today we are going to visit bobby with ann and ken .

Write the title of unit4 on the board.

Step2. story time 20’

1. Play the tape and answer the question:

Where are they? they are at bobby’s house .

Who can you see in the story? Ann ken bobby mother sister and uncle.

2. Teach the story picture by picture

Picture 1 what can you see? House flower.

Whose house is it ? it is bobby’s house .

What does ken do ? let’s listen . knock on the door.

Listen what does Mocky do ?knock on the door.

Picture 2 who open the door? Bobby.

If you are bobby, what will you say? Welcome to my house .

Listen and repeat after the tape.


Picture3 who can you see? Ann ken bobby and father.

What can you see in the room? Computer , table sofa flower.

Which room is it? Living room.

Play the tape ,ss listen and repeat.

Picture 4who is she? She is bobby’s sister , what can you see? Bed shoes lamp .which room is it? Bedroom.what is bobby’s sister doing? She is sleeping.

Play the tape ss listen and repeat .

Picture 5what can you see? Mat water lap. Who is he? Bobby’s uncle.

Listen which room is it? it is the bathroom.

Listen what is he doing? He is washing.

Play the tape ss listen and repart.

Picture 6 7 what can you see? We can see trees , water , flowers and mountains Ss listen and repeat.

Picture 8who is she? She is bobby’s mother .

Which room is it ? what is she doing? Let’s listen.

She is cooking. It is the kitchen. What can you in the kitchen? Food . Picture9-11. what’s this? It is honey.

do they like the dinner ? yes they do . what are they doing? They are eating .

3. Play the story, ss just listen.

4. Replay again, ss listen and repeat.

5. Sum up the key sentences from the ss then write on the board.

Step3. group work (if the time is enough, we can finish it)

1. pair reading the sentence on the board.

2.Pair work



Unit4 dinner time!

This is the living room.

Bedroom. She is sleeping .

Bathroom. He is washing .


Kitchen. She is cooking.


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