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三年级英语上册 Unit5 Lesson5-6教案 北师大版

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北师大版三年级英语上册教案Unit 5 Our school Lesson 5

Teaching aims

通过对话练习,学生能够介绍自己的家、自己的学校,使他们有成功的乐趣,乐于去当小导游。 Teaching emphasis

Introduce your family or you school

Teaching difficulty

Introduce your family or you school

Teaching process

Step 1


Step 2

Talk together

Have two children bring their book to the front of the class

Whose books are these ?

They are our book.

Open your book at page 54

Point to the word and read after teacher

Review the words

Exercise in pairs

Step 3

Listen and number

Student book page 54

Ask student look at and copy of the page use “This is our---”

Read after teacher

Listen to the tape

Listen and number

Check the answers and have the children repeat the sentences in a class drill Step 4

Trace match and copy


Review word

Study house school classroom

Have the children look at the picture and say “ What is this?“. Elicit “study “ Have the children trace the word and them copy it to complete the sentences in the speech bubble

Repeat the procedure of the other picture and words

Step 5

Visit our school

Ask student to make a gaide

Blackboard writing


Color the pictures

Lesson 6

Teaching aims


Teaching emphasis

Review words and sentences

Teaching difficulty

Review words and sentences

Teaching process

Step 1 Review





use the cards

Step 2 Read and answer Student book page 58 Ask student read it Check it

Step 3 let’s chant Read and point it Listen and repeat Blackboard writing 3

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