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三年级英语上册 Unit3 Whose CDs(1)教案 北师大版

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Unit3 Whose CDs?.

教学内容:Unit 3 Whose CDs?.

课时: 第一课时



学习新单词:whose computer CD video radio television .




初步了解功能句型Whose CDs?学习单词whose computer CD video radio television . 教学准备:单词卡片, flash song and the text



Unit 3 Whose CDs?

Whose computer is this? It’s Aunt Booky’s.

Whose CDs are these? They are Uncle Booky’s.

小结 在教学重要注意帮助学生区分单数和复数的变化。如问一个物品时 Whose CD is this?It’s Uncle Booky’s两个以上的物品时要问:What CDs are these? They’re Aunt booky’s.


1、Time5’5’10’10’ 1.Let’s sing

2、学习某人的某物:. 例如:用学生物品说:高安泰”s book

3.揭示课题:this class, we will learn Unit 3 Whose CDs?

4.learn the word: CD. Take out a CD ,say: This is a CD. This is Miss Wang’s CD.

5.learn the word: whose.Write the meaning in Chinese under it on the board.

6.play the text flash one whole time,then ask:where are they? Learn the word, study use the flashcard.

7.play the text flash the second time to learn the other new words.T:What things can you see?Use the flashcards to learn the new words.

8.play the third time to learn the pictures and the structures.T: whose things are they? let’s look at them.T: what happened in Uncle Booky’s study?( to learn picture8.9.and 10.)

9.play the fourth time text.10.sum up the Structure: write them on the board.

11.review the new words and practice structures.12.homework: listen and read the text with the tape.


Read the title after me. 学生读单词个别读---集体读 Read the title.

Watch and listen

Answer the question and learn the word.

Answer the question

Say with the flash and learn the structures.Say and think.


read the text after the flash while look at their own books. Read them.Use the flashcard to say. Notes要求学生带上名字卡。 2

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