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三年级英语上册 unit6教案 北师大版

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(北师大版)三年级英语上册教案unit6 Unit6 Review


1. 复习第三单元和第四单元的重点句子




三、教具准备 : 课件、电脑、小纸条、录音机

Step1. greeting

T:today we will review unit 3 and unit 4. first let’s look at the text. Please look at the screen, please read with it,

T:good, now I have a question. Whose radio is this ? Is this Miss li’s ? you can ask her but use English?

S:Yes it is .

T:Whose books are these? (拿起学生的书)

S:They are xx and xx’s

T:Yes , good. Are these books yours?

S:Yes, they are.

T: (同样是这两本书问别的同学) Are these books yours?

No, they aren’t

T:Ok, pay attention these sentences.

S:A: Whose book is this?

B: Is this xx’s

C :Yes, it is/ no it isn’t

A :Whose books are these?

B: Are these xx’s ?

C: Yes, they are/ no they aren’t.

T:Now three people in a group to act A B and C to practice these sentences.

use your school things.

Step2. practice

T:Let’s play a game names find their owner, there are many things on my desk, they are mocky, ann ,ken and peter’s .their names are in the box, you should use these sentences to guess their owner, ( 把四个人物的名字写在小条上,放在盒子里,三名同学一问一猜一答) T:Good, you did a good job, now let’s review unit four , first let’s look at words to learn , read after it.

T:Let’s play a game, there are some words in my box, one of you choosing one and do actions others guess what is he or she doing? For example ( 拿出一张SLEEPING的图片作睡觉状) what am I doing? I am sleeping. Are you clear?


He is washing

She is studing

He is drinking

He is reading

He is writing


She is singingj

She is dancingj

He is eating

四、板书: let’s review 2

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