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A Read and Write

Ask and answer


A: what can you do, YaoMing ? B: I can…

play basketball

A: what can you do, ZhangYiNin? B: I can…
play ping-pong

Hello,I’m Mei Yang yang. I can read books. I can do homework. I am helpful.

A:What can you do, ChenJie?
B:I can cook the meals.

I can water the flowers.

I`m helpful.

Let’s chant
Duck, duck, what can you do? I can swim, I can swim.
Bird, bird, what can you do? I can fly. I can fly. Dog , dog, what can you do? I can run. I can run. Rabbit, rabbit, what can you do? I can jump. I can jump.

学习目标(Learning Target )
知识目标:同学们能够听、说、读、写句型:What can you do ? I can sweep the floor\cook the meals\water the flowers. 并能在情境中运用。 同学们能听、说、认读句型:Mother goat is ill. We can help her .Just do it.

能力目标:同学们能够掌握四会句型,并运用到实际 情境中。 情感、策略、文化等目标: 同学们要养成讲卫生的好习惯,也要学会关心帮助家 人、朋友,并能做一些力所能及的事情。

What`s the matter with mother goat?

boat road coat goal

baby goat

Mother Goat is
We can help her.

it is pig big ill. this fish

ill 有病的 用法:be ill 生病 例子: I am ill. 我生病了。 She/He is ill. 她/他生病了。

What can they do?
①sweep the floor ②water the flowers ③cook the meals ④wash the windows

( ④)

(① )

( ②)

(③ )

Zip: Mother Goat is ill. 有病的 Monkey: We can help her. Zip: What can you do? Monkey: I can sweep the floor. Zip: I can cook the meals. Rabbit: I can wash the windows. Zip: What can you do, Zoom? 擦窗户 Zoom: I can water the flowers! Zip: OK, just do it! 就这么干吧 Goat: Thank you. You’re helpful.

Mother goat is___. ill ____ ______ Zoom 、____、 Monkey and Zip ____ Rabbit come to mother goat`s home. Zoom can____________, water the flowers

Zip can___________, cook the meals
Monkey can__________ , sweep the floor wash the windows Rabbit can____________. happy Mother goat is very_______, They `re ____________. helpful

Read and answer
? Amy and Ann are good friends.Amy is tall and strong.Amy is short and thin.Amy is helpful at home.She can sweep the floor and cook the meals.Ann is helpful ,too.She can clean the bedroom. ? Today,Ann`s mother is ill.Amy helps Ann to cook the meals.She is a helpful girl.

1.What can Amy do? _________________________________________ 2.What can Ann do? _________________________________________ 3.Is Ann`s mother ill? __________________________________________

Boys and girls, there’re many helpful people.Such as volunteers. Look, they need some volunteers.(志愿者) I’m Li Han. I’m 36. I’m strong. I can sweep the floor. I can clean the windows. I also can cook the meals. I’m helpful.

The volunteers are warmhearted(热心的)and helpful. Let’s join them. I’m __________. I _______ years old. I

can do my many things. I can ____________. I can _______________. I can __________________________. I’m helpful.


1.sweep the floor 2.cook the meals 3.clean the bedroom 4.water the flowers 5.empty the trash 6.wash the windows 7.just do it 8.be ill 9.at home 1. What can you/he/she/they do? 你/他/ 她/他们能做什么? 2. I /he/she/they can ……. 我/他/ 她/他们能…… 3.I am helpful. 我很有用。


He/she is helpful.他/她很有用。

? 过关作业:Write the sihui sentences twice, then imitate. (四会句子写两遍,仿读对话。)
? 闯关作业 :Recite the dialogue.(背诵对话) ? 实践作业:帮父母做些力所能及的家务。

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