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班级________姓名__________ 学号_____






一、Listen and circle.听音,圈出听到的字母或单词 (10 分)


1. U V 6. b m a k M p

2. computer classroom 7. r, q, p T, S, X

3.brown blue 8. nurse nose

4. floor wall 9. school schoolbag

5. thin strong 10. short hair long hair

二.Listen and choose. 听音并标出你听到的序号. ( 10分) 听两遍

1. Let’s clean the . A. B.

2. Let me clean the . A. B.

3. My sister has . A. B.




5. My friend has______. A.


三.Listen and tick. 听音并在你所听到的单词上打勾( 8分) 听两遍

1.What’s in the( A,schoolbag ;B,classroom )?

2.Clean the(A.board;B.bag).

3.The(A.wall;B.board)is black.

4.My friend has (A. brown shoes;B.blue grasses).

5.We have 6 new (A,lights;B, fans ).

6.He is(A.friendly;B.quite).

7.She(A.has;B.is)a green bag.

8.Let me clean the (A,desk; B, door).

四.Listen and tick or cross.听音并判断. 对的请在( )里画“√”,错误的请在( )里画“X”。( 10分) 听两遍




( ) ( ) . ( ) ( ) ( )


五.Listen and choose.听录音,选择正确的答语,将其序号填在括号里. ( 10分) 听两遍

1.( ) A. I like blue. 2.( )A. OK.

B. It’s blue. B. Thank you .

3.( )A. I have four math books. B. I can see fourteen story books. 4 .( ) A. Oh, really?Let’s have a

B. I like it.


5.( )A. He is Zhangpeng

B. He is tall.

六.Listen and number.听音在空格内写上相应的数字(10分)听两



七.Look ,read and write.看图并写出单词. ( 10分)

1.I have a new

2.This is my 4.Mike is a is very heavy.

3.This is my

5. My


八.Look and choose .看图并选择,对号入座 ( 8分


( ) ( )

( ) ( )

A.Put your eraser near your pencil box.

B.Put your Chinese book in your desk.

C.Put your math book under your schoolbag.

D.Put your pencil box on your English book.

八.Read and choose. 阅读并选择( 共16分)

( )1. Where is my pencil-case ?

A. It’s on the book. B. This is your pencil-case. C. Yes, it is.

( )2. How many books do you have ?

A. I like bread and milk. B. I have ten books. C. I have a big room.

( )3. Who is he ?

A. He is tall. B. He likes sports. C. He is Zhangpeng.

( )4. What color is your schoolbag ?

A. I like purple. B. It’s blue. C. It’s big. ( )5. I a new friend.

A. have B. has C. is

( )6. What’s in your schoolbag?

A. Many books and a pencil-case. B.a heavy schoolbag. C. Yes, it is. ( )7. Amy short. She short hair.

A. has; has B. is; has C. is; is

( )8、Let clean the window. A、I B、me 4

十、阅读短文,根据短文内容选择。( 8分)

My name is Wang Ping. I’m from Shanghai. I’m a Chinese teacher. I am tall and thin. I like music. I have a good friend. His name is Zhang Lin. He’s from Beijing. He has short hair, big eyes and ears. He is strong. He’s cute. He likes sports and science. Who is he ? He is my student. ( ) 1.Wang Ping is a teacher.

A. English B. math C. music ( ) 2. Wang Ping is from .

A. America B. Beijing C. Shanghai ( ) 3. Wang Ping is and .

A. tall ; strong B. thin; tall C. short; thin ( )4. Zhang Lin has .

A. big eyes B. long hair C. small ears



一.Listen and circle. ( 2次)

1.U 2.Classroom 3.brown 4.wall 5.strong

6.b m a 7.r q p 8.nurse 9.school bag 10.short hair

二.Listen and choose. ( 2次)

1.Let’s clean the classroom.

2.Let me clean the door.

3.My sister has long hair.

4.I have a Chinese book.

5. My friend has brown shoes.

三.Listen and tick. ( 2次)

1.What’s in the schoolbag? 2.Clean the board.

3. The wall is black. 4. My friend has blue glasses.

5.We have 6 new lights. 6.He is friendly.

7.She has a green bag. 8.Let me clean the desk.

四.Listen and tick or cross. ( 2次)

1.Clean the board. 2.Turn on the light.

3.It’s blue and white 4.He is tall and thin.

5.Put your Chinese book under your desk.

五.Listen and choose. ( 2次)

1.What color is your pencil-case ?

2.Let’s sweep the floor.

3.How many math books do you have ?

4.We have a new classroom.

六.Listen and number.(2次)

1.What’s in the classroom? A board, 2 doors, 2 fans, 4 windows and 6 lights.

2.What’s in your school bag? A Chinese book, a math book, a English book, 2 story-books and3notebooks.


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