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Listen and circle.(听音圈词) 10% 听两遍

1. A K 2. door floor 3.B M P q p w

4. fork knife 5.bedroom bathroom 6. shoes short

7. long hair short hair 8. doctor driver 9. beef noodles

10.fridge friendly

二、Look, listen and number.(看图、听音、标号。)8% 听两遍

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

三.Listen and tick or cross.听音并判断. 对的请在( )里画“√”,错误的请在( )里画“X”。10% 听两遍




( ) ( ) ( )



( ) ( )

四.Listen and choose.听录音,选择正确的答语,将其序号填在括号里. 10% 听两遍

1.( ) A. I like blue. B. It’s blue.

2.( )A. He is Zhangpeng B. He is tall.

3.( )A. I’d like some rice and B. Sure, here you are soup.

4 .( ) A. Oh, really?Let’s have a B. I like it. look.

5.( )A.It is near the window. B.It’s nice

五.Listen and number.听音在空格内写上相应的数字10%听两遍

六.Listen and number.听音给句子排序12% 听三遍

( )He is tall and strong.

( )I’m Mike.

( )I have a new friend.

( )His name is zhangpeng.

( )He has black glasses.

( )He has short black hair and big eyes.


一、Look, read and circle.看图读一读,圈出相应的单词。4%

1. light 2. rice 3. knife 4.Chinese book Window soup spoon story book floor vegetable fork math book

二. Read and write (读一读,写一写)5% 1) .

2) He likes to eat .

3) .

4) The book is on the .

5) Welcome to my .

三、Look, read and tick.(看图,打“√” 或打“╳”)10%

( ) ( )

1) I have two Chinese books. 2) This is a board.

( ) ( )

3) He is thin. 4) He is a farmer.

( )

5)Pass me the bowl.

四. Read and choose.(读问句选答句)4%

1) ( ) Is she in the bedroom?

A No, they aren’t. B Yes, she is.

2) ( )What’s your father?

A He’s a doctor.. B Yes, he is.

3) ( ) How many people are there in your family?

A. Three. B They’re my parents and me.

4) ( ) What’s his name?

A .His name is Zhang Peng. B. He is tall and strong.


Hello, friends. My name is Rose. I'm nine. I am a student. I have a happy


Look, this is a photo of my family! The old man is my grandfather. He's seventy-three. He likes noodles. He's a farmer. My grandmother's sixty-eight. She likes fish. She's a teacher. Look at this woman. She's my mother. She's thirty-four. She's a nurse. She likes vegetables very much. And this man is my father. He's thirty-nine. He likes soup. He's a driver. Mary is my sister .She is a quiet girl. They love me. I love them(他们).

1. Read again and tick or cross.读上面短文,打“√”或“×”判断句子正误。5%

(1)There are five people in my family. ( )

(2) My grandfather is a farmer. He likes noodles. ( )

(3) My mom likes beef. She's a nurse. ( )

(4) My dad is thirty-nine. He's a driver. ( )

(5) I'm Mary and my sister is Rose. ( )

2. Read and match.读上面短文,再连线。12%


一、1.A 2.floor 3.qpw 4.knife 5.bathroom 6.shoes

7.long hair 8.driver 9.noodles 10.fridge

二、1.sofa 2.key 3.nurse 4.computer 5.spoon

6. bathroom 7.study 8.story book

三.1.pass the fork

2. go to the bathroom, take a shower

3.clean the window.

4.Go to the study, read a book.

5.Put your book on your desk.

四、1.What color is it?

2.who is he?

3.What would you like?

4.We have a new classroom.

5.Where is it?

五.Listen and number.(2次)

.What’s in the classroom? A board, 2 doors, 2 fans, 4 windows and 6 lights.

六.1.I’m Mike. I have a new friend. His name is Zhangpeng. He is tall and strong. He has short black hair and big eyes.He has black glasses.

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