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一 填出所缺的字母

1.We wash di__es in the sink. 2. My hands are d_

_ty. 3. This is an um_ _lla.

4. Let’s put a t_ _angle for always. 5. Now I can write my Christmas c_ _d. 6. I like to sk_t_ on the _ce.

7. In sum_ _,I like to sit in the s_n. 8.We gi_ _ our family and friends g_fts. 9. I alw_ys go to school by sch_ _l bus.


( )1. A. hers B. yours C. kitchen D. mine ( )2. A. dresses B. dishes C. pencils D. room

( )3. A. clean B. circle C. square D. line ( )4. A. rain B. teach C. snow D. wind

( )5. A. think B. spring C. summer D. winter ( )6. A. women B. men C. children D. people


( ) 1. It’s fun to ___ a Christmas tree. A. put on B. take off C. put up

( ) 2. ____ a hot, sunny day ! A. What B. How C. When

( ) 3. ___ a holiday, people don’t work A. On B. In C. At

( ) 4. Look! I’m ____forwards. A. skates B. skating C. skate

( ) 5. Yesterday I ____ a Christmas tree to school. A. bring B. brought C. am going to bring

( ) 6. Let’s help my mother ____supper. A. wash B. make C. ski

( ) 7.Santa is a merry man ____ red clothes . A. put on B. wear C. in

( ) 8. Here are many ____. A. dress. B . dresses C. dresser

( ) 9. Everyone in the living room __quiet. A. is B. am C . are

( ) 10. I am going to go to the park ____. A. yesterday B. today C. tomorrow


1. you do go school to usually bus by 2.

cook on the we stove 3. would like you a sweater

__________________________________________? ____________. _____________?

4.can skate backwards

you 5. stand I can up think I 6.

I to skate on the ice

____________________________? ______________________________. ____________________________.


( ) 1. What would you like for breakfast? A. Yes, I love winter.

( ) 2. What are you doing? B. I’d like some pizza.

( ) 3. When is Christmas? C. It’s December twenty –fifth

( ) 4. Do you like winter? D. I’m writing a letter.

( ) 5. What’s the temperature? E. It’s fifteen degrees.

六 根据情境选词填空.

tree something going China want

Danny: I want to buy _______ for my family for Christmas .

LiMing: What do you _____ to buy?

Danny: I don’t know! Are you ____ to give something to Jenny’s family? LiMing: Yes! I am gong to give them something special from _____ for their Christmas _____. Danny: Great!

七 阅读判断 正确的在括号里写T,错误的写F

阅读一:A dog has a big piece(块儿) of meat in his mouth. When he is walking on a small bridge(桥). He looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog also has a big piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself “I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat.” He opens his mouth to bark the dog in the water. But his meat falls into the water.

( ) 1. himself A. 他 B. 他自己 ( ) 2. another A. 另一条 (只) B. 许多的 ( )3. get A. 给 B. 得到

( ) 4. bark A. 犬吠 B. 笑 ( ) 5. falls A. 秋天 B. 落下

阅读二 The Christmas story

( ) 1. when Jesus was born, a new star shone in the sky. ( )2.We give gifts to our friends and family at Christmas.

( )3. Jesus brought the baby special gifts. ( ) 4. Jesus’s birthday is on December twenty-fifth. ( )4.Jesus is Santa.

八 写作.我们的冬天是什么样子的.你穿着那些漂亮的衣服?在这个季节你喜欢做哪些事情呢?.你可以参考下面的单词和句子. ice, snow , white , nice, beautiful, winter jacket, like to, make a snowman ,

skate, ski, play outside

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