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Unit 13 Paper clothes show. 重点单词: 有关衣物单词: clothes 衣服,衣物

This is my dress.这是我的长裙。 This is my hat.这是我的帽子。 This is my skirt.这是我的短裙。 This is my jacket.这是我的夹克。

shirt衬衣 dress长裙 skirt 短裙 These are my shorts.这些是我的jacket 夹克 T-shirt t恤

socks 短袜 glasses眼镜 trousers长裤 shorts短裤

shoes 鞋子 jeans 牛仔裤 hat 圆边帽 cap 鸭舌帽 字母组合ch的发音: chair 椅子 chick小鸡 chicken鸡肉 chocolate巧克力child小孩 chess棋 chin下巴 cheese奶酪 重点句子:

1. Group one, please come and show us your paper clothes.第一组,请过来向我们展示一下你们的纸衣服。

This is my T-shirt.这是我的t恤。


2. Is that yours?那是你的吗? Yes, this is mine. 是的,这是

我的。 3. Is that your dress? 那是你的裙子吗?

It’s beautiful. 它很漂亮。 No. It’s hers-Lily’s.不,是她的,Lily的。

4. I’m wearing a pink dress.我正穿着一条粉色的裙子。 Do you like my dress? Yes. I do. 你喜欢我的裙子吗? 是的,我喜欢。

What is she wearing today? 她今天穿的什么?

She’s wearing a pink dress.

她穿的是一条粉色的裙子。 I’m wearing a ……我正穿着……

5. They are blue shorts. 它们是蓝色的短裤。

This is a yellow T-shirt.这是一件黄色T恤

They are purple glasses.它们是紫色的眼镜。

They are brown shoes.它们是棕色的鞋子。

They are socks.它们是短袜。 This is a black hat.这是一顶黑色的帽子。

This is a white shirt.这是一件白色的衬衣。

This is a purple dress.这是一条粉色的裙子。

They are blue jeans.它们是蓝色的牛仔裤。

This is a cap.这是一顶帽子。 Unit14 Let’s help the old.


bookcase书柜 clean 打扫 cupboard橱柜 kitchen 厨房 floor地板 every day每天 字母组合th的发音

maths 数学 mouth 嘴巴 teeth牙齿 month 月 moth 飞蛾bath 沐浴 fourth第四 cloth布 重点短语:

tidying the books正在整理书籍 feeding the bird正在喂鸟 mopping the floor正在拖地 sweeping the floor正在扫地 scrubbing the floor正在刷地 cleaning the window正在擦窗户 combing hair 正在梳头 reading a story book正在读故事书

make==making tea正在沏茶 cleaning the cupboard正在清理橱柜

washing the tomatoes正在洗西红柿

feeding the dog正在喂狗 重点句子:

1.Let’s help the old.让我们帮助老人。

2.What is he/she doing?他/她正在干什么?

He/She is mopping the floor.他/她正在拖地。

1. Here we are.我们来了。 2. Would you like to listen to my story? 你想听我讲故事吗? Yes, thanks a lot.是的,非常感谢。

5. Would you like a cup of tea?


Yes, please.好的,请来一杯。 6. I’ll clean the kitchen.我将要打扫厨房。

7.What can you do at home for your grandpa and grandma.

您能在家为爷爷奶奶做什么? I can mop the floor.

8.How can we make grandpa and grandma happy?


I think,we can help wash their feet.

我想,我们可以帮他们洗脚。 6. I often do homework..我经常做家庭作 业。 We are friendly.我们是友好的。

I can help at home.我能在家里帮忙。

I can lend a hand.我能帮上忙。

I am good in class.我在班上表现很好。

I run every day.我每天跑步。 I can make things.我能制作东西。

Unit 15 A Happy New Year. 重点短语:

making words 组词 guessing game 猜谜语游戏 guessing riddles 猜谜语 making a good shot投一个好球 blowing balloons 吹气球 fishing 钓鱼 singing 唱歌 重点句子:

1. Presents here. 把礼物放在这儿。

2. Who is he? 他是谁? He is Ling Ming. 你是李明 3. Another point. 又得一分。Yes, it’s ours. 是的,我们得分了。 4. Riddles:谜语

You can bounce this. 你能拍这个。谜底: Ball 球

You wear these on your feet.你把穿这些穿脚上。Shoes or socks

You put books in this. 你能把书放在里面。Bookcase You sleep in this. 你能睡在这上面。 bed

You can fly this. 你能飞这个。kite

You wear this on your head. 你能戴这在头上。Hat or cap You drink from this. 你能喝这个。cup

You use these to see. 你用这个看。glasses

5. Happy New Year. 新年快乐。 6. Where is Ann going on New Year’s Day? Ann新年要去哪里?

She is going to Shanghai. 她要去上海

How will she go there? 她怎么去那儿的?

She will go there by train. 安要坐火车去那里.

7. How long is your snake? 你的蛇有多长? 短文:

It’s a new year again. We feel very happy. 又是新的一年了。我们都感到非常开心。

Look! Linda is dancing. Zhang Nan is listening to music. 看! Linda 正在跳舞。 Zhang Nan 正在听音乐。 Lily is asking questions. Lily 正在提问

Some boys are eating bananas.. 一些男孩正在吃香蕉。 Some children are singing. 一些孩子正在唱歌。

The teacher is putting some presents on a small tree.


Everybody is very happy. 每个人都很开心。

Unit 16 An English Evening



evening 傍晚 quietly悄悄地 asleep睡着的 past过去 turnip萝卜suddenly 突然地 fall 掉下来 break 摔断 indoor 室内 catch 抓住 有相同发音的单词: like Nike Mike bike pike(长矛)字母i 的发音 game name came same 字母a的发音

coat goat boat moat(沟) 字母oa的发音

sun run bun(小面包) 字母u的发音

moon soon 字母组合oo的发音 重点短语:

pull …out 把…拔出来 climb up 向上爬 get down 下来


1. An Evening Evening. 英语之夜。

2. The mouse runs quietly.老鼠悄悄地跑。

The mouse runs fast.老鼠跑的很快。

The cat is asleep.猫睡着了。 So the mouse runs past.所以就跑过去了。

3. Wow, What a big turnip! 哇,多么大的一个萝卜啊! I can’t pull it out.我不能把它拔出来。

Let me help you. 让我来帮助你。

4. Two cats climb up a big apple tree.

两只猫爬上了一颗大苹果树。 They want to catch a mouse. 他们想抓住一只老鼠。 But there are too many leaves

但是有太多的树叶了。. They want to get down but suddenly fall


They break their legs and stay indoors.

他们摔断了腿然后呆在家里了。 问答语:

1. Hello! What’s your name? 你

叫 什么名字?

My name is Ben.我叫本。 2. How old are you? 你多大了? I’m seven.我七岁。 3. Where do you live? 你住在哪里?

I live in Beijing.我住在北京。

4. How do you go to school

every day?

你每天怎么去上学? By bile.骑自行车。 5. What’s your



你最喜欢的颜色是什么? Blue.蓝色。

6. What are your favourite animals?

你最喜欢的动物是什么? Cats.猫

7. What’s your favourite fruit? 你最喜欢的水果是什么? Bananas.香蕉。 8. Who’s your best friend? 你最好的朋友是谁? Tony. 汤尼。

Let’s have a race.让我们来一场比赛吧! No problem.没问题。 Ok, Let’s do it. 好的,让我

们开始吧! 2. Let’s go.让我们走。 I’m here.我在这。 Oh! No!噢,不! 3. Don’t go! 别走! Oh! No!噢,不! I’m coming!我来了。 4. That’s it!就这样。 I’m coming!我来啦。 Come on.加油。

Fox: Pick up sticks. 捡木棒。 Chicken: What for? 做什么? Fox:To make a fire.生火。 Chicken: What do you want a fire for?你生火干什么? Fox: To cook a chicken! 煮只鸡。

Chicken: Where will you get the chicken? 你从哪里弄只鸡?

Fox: Out of your coop!在你的笼子里。


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