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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 二、翻译词组。

1. 赛跑_______________________________ 2. 寻找_________________________

3. 刚才_______________________________ 4. 在地上 ______________________

5. 拍照 ______________________________ 6. Sports Day ____________________

7. pick them up _________________________ 8. an exciting game ________________

9. a roll of film _________________________ 10. a pair of glasses ________________


1. Let ____________ (I) see.

2. Jim is watching TV. ____________ (he) sister is _______________(do) her homework.

3. There _______________(be) a pair of _____________(glass) on the desk.

4. Would you like a ______________ (glass) of milk?

5. The books ______________(be) not here, but they ____________(be) here a moment ago.

6. It _____________(be) there just now, but it isn’t there now.

7. All the students are _______________ (watch) a running race.

8. Su Hai ______________ (want) to find the films now.


1. I’d like to listen to music now. But I can’t find my _________________.

2. It’s ______________ today. The students are all in the playground now.

3. My diary was in the desk _____________.

4. The children are very _____________ to play games.

5. My camera and films ____________ in the bag. But they are not there now.

6. The running race is so ______________.

7. The boys were at school a moment ago. But they ___________ at home now.



Su Hai _________ ___________ for ___________ new pen now.


The ___________ phone is a __________ present __________ my mother.


Where __________ Miss Li a ___________ ago?


The students are ___________ a __________ race.

六、找出错误的选项,并在横线上写出正确的内容。 A B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D



班级___________ 姓名_____________得分___________


一、根据你所听到的内容,选出正确的选项。(每小题读两遍;5分) ( )1. A. October ( )2. A. fifth ( )3. A. phone ( )4. A. diary ( )5. A. blow ( )6. A. is

( )7. A. 1月13日 ( )8. A. near the ball

B. December B. fifteenth B. earphone B. library B. as

C. November C. fiftieth C. telephone C. February C. brown C. us C. 2月13日 C. under the bed

B. grow B. 2月14日 B. in your bag

( )9. A. They are on the ground.

B. Are they on the ground?

C. They aren’t on the ground.

( )10. A. The phone is on the sofa now. B. The phone was on the desk just now. C. The phone is on the desk now.

二、听录音,选择正确的应答。(每小题读两遍;5分) ( )1. A. Yes, I can.

B. No, he can’t.

C. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, there is. C. Yes, I am. C. It isn’t there now. C. It’s under the desk.

( )2. A. Yes, there aren’t.

B. No, there aren’t.

( )3. A. Sorry, I can’t. B. Yes, I do.

( )4. A. It was there. B. They were there. ( )5. A. They were in the desk. B. It was on the desk. ( )1. Where is the English book? A. In the bag.

B. In the desk.


C. On the desk.

( )2. What does this sign mean?

A. It means you shouldn’t make noise here. B. It means you shouldn’t put your bike here. C. It means you should keep off the grass. ( )3. What day is it today? A. Monday. A. 9:00.

B. Sunday. B. 9:30.

C. Saturday. C. 8:00.

( )4. What time is it?

( )5. Where was Mike just now?

A. In the teachers’ office. B. In the classroom. C. In the library.


1. It ____________ here a ___________ ago, where is it now ? 2. All the _____________ are very _____________. 3. Su Hai wants to ____________ some __________. 4. She is _____________ ____________ her camera. 5. They ____________ there _____________ now.


一、找出下列每组划线部分的单词与其余三个不同的选项。 (6分) ( ( ( ( ( ( 二、选择题。(10分) ( )1. — What’s in the garden?

— There ________ a lot of flowers.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are D. pick up it D. getting D. to playing D. aren’t

( )2. My socks are on the floor. Please _______for me. A. pick them up A. looking

B. pick it up B. watching

C. pick up them C. seeing C . play C . isn’t

( )3. The boys and girls are _______ the running race in the playground. ( ) 4 . Su Hai wants _________ football. A . playing B . to play ( ) 5 . It here now .

A . wasn’t B . weren’t ( )6. — Where are your ________?

— They _________ on the bookcase a moment ago.

A. CDs; are A. on

B. CDs; were B. at

C. CD; were C. in

D. CD; are D. with D. just D. usually D. excited

( )7. New Year’s Day is _______ the first of January. ( )8 . It was there A . now B . a moment ago A. quickly A. excite

B. suddenly B. to excite

C . moment ago C. lovely C. exciting

( )9 . Grandpa ________ waters flowers at weekends. ( )10. All the people are ________ at the party.


1. 刚才_______________________ 2. a roll of film _______________________ 3. 所有的学生_________________ 4. watch the running race _______________ 5. 一部手机 __________________ 6. close the eyes ______________________ 7. 在我的包里 8. try to remember _____________________ 9. 一副眼镜____________________ 10. Sports Day ________________________ 四、选词填空(10分)

1. The _______________ (child) are very excited. 2. Jane is ______________ (read) a newspaper.

3. My cousin ______________ (have) a CD Walkman. 4. Where are the _______________? (glass) 5. I’d like some _____________ (diary).

6. My father likes _______________ (listen) to the radio.

7.Helen often __________________ (do) housework at the weekends.

8. It ________________ (be) there a moment ago.

9. We ____________ (be) in Beijing a week ago.

10. — Is she a Japanese girl? — No, she’s a ___________ (China) girl.


1. They’re having an English lesson. (改为否定句 )

They ___________ _____________ an English lesson. 对画线部分提问)

___________ __________the doctors and nurses?

3. Tom usually goes shopping on Sundays. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Tom usually _______ shopping on Sundays?

4. Were they in your bag just now?(作否定回答)

_________, they _________.

5. wants, take, to, He, to, photos, some (连词成句)


六、完成对话 (5分)

A: Where’s my camera? B: ____________________. A: Let me see. No! It isn’t here. B: ___________________________ Where is it now? A: Is it in your bag? B: Let me see. Oh, yes, it is.

A: _______________________

B: _______________________

A: Can I have them, please?

B: Oh, no! They aren’t in my bag._______________________


1. --你的眼镜在哪?--在台灯后面。--现在不在那。--刚才在那的。--哦,我找到了。瞧, 他们在桌子底下。 ---Where are your ? ---They’re the lamp.

there now. ---They there .

---Oh, I find them now. Look! the desk..

2. ---吉姆,你在干什么?---我在找我的耳机。我想听音乐。 ---在你的卧室的书桌上。

--- What are you doing, Jim?

--- I’m ________ _________ my earphones. I __________ to ___________to music.

--- _________ on the desk in your ____________.



Come and see my sitting room, please. There are a lot of things in it. Look!This is a pair of glasses. They’re on the chair now. They’re my grandpa’s. That’s my father’s mobile phone, it’s on the sofa now, but it was in his bag just now. And the CD Walkman beside the mobile phone is very beautiful. My mother likes it very much. Because(因为)she likes listening to music. There are some CDs beside it. Oh, where’s my diary? Ah, it’s on the floor now. I must go and pick it up .


( )1. This is a bedroom.

( )2. My grandmother’s glasses are on the chair.

( )3. The mobile phone is in the bag now.

( )4. There is a CD Walkman . My mother likes it very much.

( )5. My diary is on the floor. I should pick it up.


It is the 8th of September. Lily is very excited because it is her ten-year-old birthday. She’ll have a birthday party at home. Look! She is now in a new blouse. She looks so pretty today. There is a big birthday cake on the

table. Many of her friends are coming. There are lots of birthday presents on the sofa. Ann gives her some American stamps and French stamps. They are very beautiful. Yang Ling gives her a rubber. It’s a triangle. Look at that red purse. It’s from Nancy. How nice! Lily likes her presents very much!

( )1. When’s Lily’s birthday?

A. It’s in August. B. It’s on the 8th of September.C. It’s on the 10th of July.

( )2. How does Lily feel today?

A. She feels very excited. B. She feels very hungry. C. She feels very tired.

( )3. Where does she have her birthday party?

A. At school. B. At home. C. In the classroom.

( )4. What does Ann give Lily as her birthday present?

A. Some American stamps. B. Some French stamps. C. A and B.

( )5. What shape is the rubber?

A. It’s a triangle. B. It’s a star. C. It’s a circle.



1. October 2. fiftieth 3. earphone 4. diary 5. brown 6. as

7. the thirteenth of January 8. in your bag

9. They aren’t on the ground. 10. The phone was on the desk just now.


1. Does he often play football after school?

2. Are there any computers in the library?

3. Can you swim?

4. Where were your glasses?

5. Where’s my doll?


1. A: Where is my English book?

B: Look. It’s on the desk.

2. A: What does this sign mean?

B: It means “Be quiet”.

3. A: Tomorrow is Sunday. It’s my birthday.

B: Happy birthday.

4. A: Can I have an ice-cream?

B: No, you can’t. It’s half past nine. It’s time to go to bed.

5. A: Were you in the teachers’ office just now, Mike? B: No, I wasn’t. I was in the library.


牛津英语6A第三单元测试卷参考答案 听力部分




四、1. was, moment 2. students, excited 3. take, photos

4. looking, for 5. were, just





七、1. glasses, behind, aren’t, were, just, now, They’re, under

2. looking, for, want, listen, They’re, bedroom

八、×××√√, BABCA



三、1. me 2. Her, doing 3. is, glasses 4. glass 5. are, were 6. was 7. watching 8. wants

四、1. CD Walkman 2. Sports Day 3. just now 4. excited 5. were 6. exciting 7. are 五、1. is, looking, her 2. mobile, birthday, from 3. was, moment 4. having, running 六、1. B, on 2. B, to take 3. C, with 4. D, exciting 5. C, up

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