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pep五年级上册英语第一单元my new teachers part A 教案

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Unit1 This is my day

Step 1:Pre-Task 1. Greetings


First all, let’s chant: Tall, tall, tall, Computer teacher. is tall.

Short , short ,short , Science teacher. is short.

Thin , thin ,thin , Art teacher. is thin.

Fat , fat ,fat ,Music teacher. is fat.

Funny , funny, funny ,they’re so funny!(利用四年级已学单词,复习一些形容词) 3. Lead-in

Today we are going to learn Unit.1 Part A Let’s learn

I will divide you into two groups: boys and girls. Let’s have a competition and see who will be the winner, so please come on, OK?

Boys and girls, This is a photo of my teachers. I have many teachers, but I like math teacher best because he is funny. Which teacher do you like best?

4. Present the task

Your task today is to draw a picture of your favourite teacher and describe him or her to your friends.

Step 2: While-Task

继续出示上面的照片,上面画着许多老师,指着一个拿着一本美术书的一个教师 T: Who is he?

Ss guess

Ss: art teacher.

T: Yes, he is my art teacher. Do you know who is my art teacher?

Ss :(教师引导学生问) Who is your art teacher? {后面继续引导学生问Who is your Chinese teacher(math, art ,music...)?}

T: Mr Hu. Can you tell me what is he like ? TPR---He is.....引出单词thin 和short 1. Thin th /θ/ /θ/ /θ/ thank you , thin /\ he is thin. Read group by group.(多样化的评语)T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is thin.

2. Thin 的反义词用strong 而不用fat(情感教育)/\.he is strong.Whole class read together. T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is strong.

3. Short or /?:/ 提醒学生发长音sh/?/ short/\ he is short. Read two by two.T板书 S 书空What ‘s he like? He is short.

4. Short 的反义词是tall t,t,t/t//t//t/tiger(字母操) al/

?:/ low-loud voice. Tall /\ he is tall. Check some students. T板书 S 书空What ‘s he like? He is tall. (创设学生读错的情况,Is he right? Who can help him? The whole class help him together)

5. Compare two pictures-得出old and young

Old /\he is old. T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is old.

Young o, o, /?//?//?/比较两个o的不同发音 young/\ he is young. T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is young.

T:I ’m old ,you are young.

Ss:I’m young , you are old.(one by one火车读)

6. Ss :Who is your computer teacher?

T:M r Li.

T:(出示这位老师和蔼可亲的笑脸)What’s he like?

Ss: He’s…(让学生随意描述,之后教师导出kind)

Kind i, i, /ai//ai//ai/ice cream(字母操),kind/\,he is kind. T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is kind. Read four by four.

7. 画个小丑的简笔画

T: what is he like?

Ss: he is funny. u, u /?//?//?/ y, y /i//i//i/ funny/\.he is funny. T板书 S 书空. What ‘s he like? He is funny. Read by boys and girls. Review all the words together. I am short, and you are tall.

I am thin, and you are strong.

I am old, and you are young.

Do you want to be my friend?

Step 3: Post-Task

Task 1. Pair work---role reading.

Task 2 Group work----finish the task. Now I think it’s time for you to finish the task.

Draw a picture of your favourite teacher and describe him or her to your friends. Task 3. Presentation

who wants to come here to have a try?

Step 5: Summary

Today we…

Step 6: Homework

Today’s homework:

For all of you, No.1, please listen, point and repeat the new words and sentences for three times.

No.2, please copy the new words and sentences for three times.

For some of you, please use the new words to introduce your friends to your classmates.

Let’s see who is the winner. Girls!congratulations! Boys, come on next time. You can do better. That’s all for today. Bye-bye.

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