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五年级上册专项练习题------ 写问句 阅读下面的题目,在横线上写出问句,使其合理、通顺。 1.

I have Chinese, math and P.E. on Tuesdays. 2.

He is our math teacher. 3.

Amy is pretty and tall . 4.

I often play basketball on Saturdays. 5.

I’d like some beef. 6.

I have potatoes for lunch on Tuesday . 7.

Today is Wednesday. 8.

He often plays computer on the weekends. 9.

There is a sofa and a TV in my living room. 10.

My Chinese teacher is Mr Zhang . 11.

My father is kind and funny . 12.

I’m from Canada . 13.

There are some bridges in my village . 14.

My favourite food is French fries. 15.

We have mutton for dinner on Wednesdays . 16.

I’d like some fish . 17.

I like apples. They are sweet. 18.

He can empty the trash. 19.

I can do the dishes . 20.

Mike can make the bed. 21.

Yes, she can put away the clothes. 22.

No, My favourite food is beef . 23.

No, I like chicken. It’s very yummy. 24.

No, I don’t like Chinese . 25.

Yes, my brother is funny . 26.

No, she’s young. 27.

Yes, I often do homework on weekends. 28.

Yes, there are some tall buildings in my village.


No, there is a river in the park. 30.

Yes, I am helpful at home. 31.

No, it’s a picture. 32.

No,there isn’t a bridge over the river

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