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(时间:100分钟 满分:100分)



( )1.A.nose B.mouth C.eye

( )2.A.gloves B.shorts' C. trousers

( )3.A.bathroom B.bedroom C.living room

( )4.A.sandwich B.noodles C.hamburger

( )5. A.:puzzle B.puppet C.doll

( )6.A.tea B.juice C.rice

( )7.A.clock B.glass C.fridge

( )8.A.hair B.have C.home

( )9.A.50 B.15 C.55

( )10.A. seventeen B.eighteen C.eighty


三、听录音,判断所听句子与下列句子是(T)否(F) 一致。(10分)

( )1. Come and look,Su Yang. Your cap is in the kitchen.

( )2. -What would you like? -I'd like that hot dog.

( )3. What about a sandwich and a cup of coffee?

( )4. These socks are very nice. How much are they?

( )5. This is our snowman. His nose is big and red.

四、 听录音,选择正确的应答。(10分)

( )1.A!You're right. B.That's all right. C.All right.

( )2.A.It's nice. B.It's a scarf. ~C.It's Yang Ling's.

( )3.A.Thank.you. B.It's cool. C.It's a king.

( )4.A.Here's a coat for you. B.Here's a fan for you.

C. Here's a chair for you.

( )5.A.It's 14. B.It's 12. C.It's 13.


1. A: Mum,look at my____.

B: Oh,they're too____.Try this pair on.

2.A: I'm____,Dad.

B:Here's a____for you.


六、判断下列各组单词画线部分读音是(√)否(×)相同。(6分) ( )1. cup car ( )2. girl orange ( )3. small sure ( )4. panda bear ( )5. six bike ( )6. like look


( )1.A.mouth B.nose C.hair D.small

( )2.A.home B.kitchen C.bedroom D.living room

( )3.A.tea B.rice C.juice D.coffee

( )4.A.tall B.small C.thin D.man

( )5.A.sock B.shoe C.umbrella D.trousers、


( )1.-Where are my skirts? - ____in the bedroom.

A. they're B.It's C.”They're

( )2. -Where's the fridge? -It's____the kitchen.

A.for B.in C.on

( )3. -Here's a new doll____you. -Thank you.

A.in B.to C.for

( )4. -Do you like____?-No,I____

A. doll;do B.dolls;don't C.dolls not

( )5. -What's twenty and thirty? -It's____

A. fifty B.fifteen C.forty

( )6. She____so funny.

A. looks B.look C.looking

( )7.My coat is very____,but I like it.

A. nice B.short C.pretty

( )8. -____is the fan? -It's twelve yuan..

A. How long B. How much C. How many

( )9. -What would you like? -____

A. I like some noodles. B. Yes,I like. C. I'd like some noodles.

( )10. -I'm tired. -____

A. Here's some water. B. Sit down,please. C. Have a hot dog,please.




1.We have two____(卫生间)in our new home.

2.Your cap is on the____(桌子).

3.I'd like a hamburger and a glass of____(果汁).

4.-I'm____(饿).-Here is some food for you.

5.How much are the____(鞋子)?

6.The girl has big____(眼睛).


1. It's not my umbrella. Perhaps it's Yang Ling. ____

2. Oh,Helen,you looks so beautiful. ____

3. The shoes is too big,try this pair on. ____

4. Let's me see,oh,yes,it's my pen. ____

5. How many is the hot dog? ____


( )1.A:


A.May I use your fan,please?

B.I found your lost(丢失的) fan . Here you are.

C. Is this your fan? . .

D. The fan is my birthday gift!

( )2. A:

B: Hello,Aunt Lin. Good morning.

A. Good morning ,Helen.

B. Hi,Helen. Are your classes over?

C. Hi,Helen. See you next time.

D. Hi,the weather is not bad

( ) 3. A: Would you like a glass of water?


A. Yes,I'm thirsty. Thank you very much.

B. Let's eat some cakes.

C. Do you know the way to the shop?

D. There is a bottle of water in my bag.

( ) 4. A: What's the weather like today?


A. Shall we go hiking?

B. I don't like rainy days.

C. My favorite season is summer.

D. It's sunny.

( ) 5. A: Hello,Miss.

B: Yes,thank you. I want to meet my brother.

A. Could you lend me a hand?

B. What's up?

C. What can I do for you?

D. Do you want to join us?


I have two friends in my school. They are Mike and Jim. They look the same,but they ate not twins.

Mike is an American boy.He is eleven. He is in Class Two,Grade Four. He has a little sister.He often looks after his sister.

Jim is an English boy.He is eleven,too. He is in Class Four,Grade Four. He likes football. He often plays football with Mike. They are both my best friends. I love them and they love me,too.

( )1. Mike is an English boy.

( )2 Mike is in Class 2,Grade 4.

( )3. Mike has a little sister.

( )4. Jim is in Class 2,Grade 4.

( )5. Jim likes football.

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