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二、听录音,选出相应的答语 (10分)

( )1.A. Yes,it is. B. Thank you. C. All right. ( )2.A. It's in the bedroom. B. They're in the,bedroom. C. My skirt is on the bed.

( )3. A. Thank you. B. All right. C. I'd like the green one. ( )4. A. I'm hungry. B. Here you are. C. I'd like that. ( )5. A. It's nice and clean. B. My bedroom is big.

C. I have a bed in my bedroom. 三、听录音,填入所缺单词。(8分)

1. Please____to my____.Thank you.

2.I____a toy____in my bedroom.

3.-____is the sandwich? -____on the plate. 4. -What____you like?

-____like a cup of Coffee.


1.under the table

2.in your bedroom

3.come and look

4.I'd like

5.I'm hungry.







( )1. This lion is for .

A. she B. you C. I -It's on the desk. ( )2. May I have apple? 5. - this? A. a B. an C. I -It's a fridge. ( )3. --Your school bag is nice.

6. - is she? -- -She's my sister. ;


C. Thank you. ( )4. --Is that your jacket? -- A. No,it is. B. Yes,it is. C. Yes,that is. ( )5. --Is this ball pen? --Yes,it is. A. your B. I C. you ( )6. --Where's Miss Li? -- in the bedroom. A. It's B. She's C. He's ( )7. We are twins. They are __ dresses(连衣裙). A. my B. our C. your ( )8. The football is the door. A. on B. in C. behind ( )9. Where my pens? A. is B. are C. am ( )10. -- the man? --He's my grandfather. 六.选词填空。 (12分) A l. - shoes are these? -They're Nancy's. 2. - are you? -I'm hungry. 3. - is this? -It's a mango. 4. - is the book? 1. It's seven o'clock. It's time to home. 2. Open your books. Don't your books. 3. -Can I a look? -Sure,here you are. 4. here, Helen. Is this your rubber? . 5. - at my shoes. -They're nice ! 6. Can you make a fruit salad? Have a ! 七、匹配题。(8分) ( )1. Where's the doll? A. It's six. ( )2. What time is it now? B. It's on the bed. ( )3. What colour is your apple? C. It's red. ( )4. Do you like this toy? D. I'd like a sweet. ( )5. Is he your father? E. They're my shoes. ( )6. Whose shoes are they? F. No,thanks. ( )7. What about a hot dog? G. Yes,I do. ( )8. What would you like? H. No,he isn't. . 八.圈出错误单词并在右边横线上改正(10分) 1. How many banana can you see? 2. What's a nice bird! 3. What would your like? 4. Would you like a orange? 5. Where is your T-shirts? 九、连词成句。(10分)

1.brother where your is(?)

2. he's in perhaps bedroom the (.)

B. a bed,a table and a chair C. a bed,a table and some chairs ( )3.文中it指的是 A.Jane

B.the room C.computer

3. a is cat that nice (.)

4. living caps our the in are room (.)

5. see I her coats can the on chair (.)

十.阅读短文,选择正确答案。 (10分) This is Jane's room. I can see a desk,a bed and some chairs in it. There’s a computer and some storybooks on the desk. I can see a toy bear and two dolls on the bed. I can see a puzzle on Her mother and father are in their factory(工厂 ). They work hard. ( )1. Jane's parents are both A. in the room B. in the factory C. at school

( )2. There is in the room. ;' A. a bed,a desk and some chairs


( )4. What A. A computer and some storybooks. B. A toy bear and two dolls. C. A puzzles.

( )5. A. B. C. . .

’s on the chair?

“work hard”意思是 。 在做饭 工作努力 爱自己的家庭

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