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4A Unit 1 I like dogs

Story time

Mr. Green: Look at these toy animals, boys and girls. Mike & Su Hai: Wow! .

Yang Ling: Look at this cat! I like cats. Liu Tao: It’s cute.

Liu Tao: I like dogs. Do you like dogs, Su Hai? Su Hai: Yes, I do.

Liu Tao: Do you like dogs, Mike?

Mike: No, I don’t. I like pandas. They’re cute and fat.

a cat a dog an elephant a horse

A lion a monkey a panda a tiger

Cartoon time

Sam: would you like a pie, Bobby? Bobby: No, thanks.

Bobby: I like cakes. Do you like cakes? Sam: Yes, I do. I have a cake here.

Sam: Look! Do you like it?

Unit 2 Let’s make a fruit salad

Liu Tao: I have a pineapple. Mike: I have a mango and an orange.

Su Hai: Do you have any bananas, Yang Ling? Yang Ling: No, I don’t. I have some grapes.

Su Hai: Wang Bing, do you have a banana? Wang Bing: Yes, I do.

Wang Bing: Here you are. Su Hai: Thanks.

Miss Li: Let’s make a fruit salad. Wang Bing : Great!

Su Hai: Look at our fruit salad! All: How nice!

a banana a grape a mango a pineapple

Cartoon time:

Sam: Do you like mangoes, Bobby? Bobby: Yes, I do.

Sam: Look! One, two, three! I have a mango. Bobby: Cool!

Sam: One, two, three! I have two mangoes. Bobby: Wonderful!

Bobby: How many mangoes do you have? Ha! Ha!

Unit 3 How many?

Mike: Look at my toy car.

Liu Tao: They’re nice. How many cars do you have, Mike? Mike: Thirteen.

Yang Ling: Do you have any toy cars, Helen? Helen: No, I don’t.

Yang Ling : What do you have? Helen: I have some stickers.

Yang Ling: They’re very beautiful. How many stickers do you have?

Helen: I have fifteen stickers.

thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen

Cartoon time

Sam: I have a ball. Let’s play.

Bobby: I have many balls .They’re in that box.

Sam: How many balls do you have? Bobby: I have twelve balls.

Sam: Can you play table tennis? Bobby: No. But I can do this!

Unit 4 I can play basketball

Liu Tao: Can you play basketball, Wang Bing? Wang Bing: Yes, I can. Liu Tao: Nice!

Liu Tao: Can Mike play basketball?

Wang Bing: Yes, he can. He can play basketball very well. Look! Liu Tao: Cool!

Mike: What about you, Liu Tao? Can you play basketball? Liu Tao: No, I can’t.

Mike: Have a try, Liu Tao.

Liu Tao: Yeah! I can play basketball!

Wang Bing &Mike: Great!

a basketball a football jump skate swim

Duck: Quack,quack! I can swim. Bobby: I can swim too.

Bird: Tweet,tweet! I can fly. Bobby: I can fly too. Sam: Can you?

Bobby: Look at me,Sam! Bobby: Ouch! I can’t fly.

Sam: Don’t be sad,Bobby. I can’t fly either.

Unit5 Our new home

Su Yang: Mum, where’s my bag? Mum: It’s in your bedroom.

Su Hai: Mum, where are my skirts?

Mum: They’re in the living room, on the sofa.

Su Yang: Where’s my white cap, Su Hai? Su Hai: Is it in your bedroom? Su Yang: No, it isn’t.

Su Hai: Come and look, Su Yang. Your cap is in the kitchen!

A clock a fridge a sofa a table Bathroom bedroom kitchen living room

Sam: How are you? Bird: I’m hungry.

Sam: Would you like an orange? Bird: No!

Bobby: What about a hot dog? Bird: No!

Sam: What would you like? Bird: I’d like that.

Bobby: Here you are. Bird: Thank you.

Unit 6 At the snack bar

Dad: What would you like?

Mike: I’d like a hamburger and a glass of milk. Helen: I’d like some noodles.

Helen: What about you, Dad?

Dad: I’d like a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Dad: A hamburger, noodles and a glass of milk, please. Waitress: Anything else?

Dad: A sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Waitress: Here you are. Dad: Thank you.

Mike & Helen: Thank you.

A cup of coffee a cup of tea a glasses of juice A glass of milk a hamburger a sandwich noodles rice Sam: I’m hungry. Bobby: Me too.

Sam: Here’s a snack bar. I’d like some fish. Bobby: I’d like an egg.

Orangutan: Can I help you? Sam: Yes, I’d like some fish, please. Bobby: I’d like an egg, please.

Bobby: What a big egg!

Unit 7 How much

Su Yang: Good morning! Can I help you?

Liu Tao: Yes. I’d like some shoes. How much are they? Su Hai: Five yuan, please. Liu Tao: OK.

Yang Ling: These socks are very nice. How much are they? Su Hai: They’re four yuan. Yang Ling: OK. Here you are.

Su Yang: Hi, Mike.

Mike: Hi. This umbrella is cool. How much is it? Su Hai: It’s only nineteen yuan.

Su Hai & Su Yang: We have twenty-eight yuan, Miss Li.

Miss Li: Well done.

A fan an umbrella shoes socks Twenty thirty forty fifty

Pig: Can I help you?

Bobby: Yes, I’d like these, please.

Pig: How many would you like? Bobby: Ten, please.

Sam: Ten?

Bobby: They’re for my sister Tina. Her tail is long.

Bobby: How beautiful! Tina: Thank you, Bobby.

Unit 8 Dolls

Yang Ling: Look at our doll. Liu Tao: She’s beautiful.

Su Hai: Her hair is long. Her eyes are big. Yang Ling: Her nose and mouth are small.

Liu Tao: This is our doll. His hair is short. His eyes and nose are small.

Wang Bing: But his mouth is big. His ears are big too.

Wang Bing: Look! He’s a king now! Yang Ling: Cool!

Big small fat thin long short tall short eyes ears hair mouth nose

Bobby: These robots are cool!

Sam: Look at this robot. His eyes are very big. Robot: Hello.

Sam: Wow! You can talk! Bobby: Can you jump?

Robot: Yes, I can. Look!

Bobby: You’re great, but you’re short.

Robot: Look! Now I’m tall!

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