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姓名_______ 班级_______


( ) 1. Stop ____ a red light.

A. on B. at C to

( ) 2. How can I get ______ the park?

A. in B. at C to

( ) 3. I _____ go to school by bike. But sometimes I go by bus.

A. sometimes B. usually C. today

( ) 4. There are ____ traffic lights.

A. one B. two C. three

( ) 5. —What are you going to _______? —A comic book.

A. be B. do C. buy

( ) 6.—Where is the cinema? —It’s next______ the hospital.

A.on B.to C. in

( ) 7. Turn right ______ the bookstore.

A.on B.to C. at

( ) 8.—Where is the post office?—It’s west ______ the shoe store.

A.of B.at C. to

( ) 9.What are you going to do on the weekend? ____________

A. I’m going by train. B. It’s next to the shoe store.

C.I’m going to read a magazine.

( ) 10. ______ are you going? This evening.

A.Where B.When C.What

( ) 11.It’s not far ______ here.

A.to B.at C. from

( ) 12.Walk straight ______ three minutes.

A.at B.and C. for

( ) 13. ______ Sunday, I’m going to the zoo______subway.

A. On, on B. On. by C. In, at

( ) 14.Her father is ______TV this afternoon.

A. watching B. going to watch C. go to watch

( ) 15. ______can I get to pet shop?

A. How B. What C. Where


( ) 1.How do you go to school?

( ) 2.Stop at a red light.

( ) 3.Excuse me.Where is the library?

( ) 4.How can I get to the museum?

( ) 5.Happy birthday to you!







1.我经常骑自行车去上学。I go to school by 2.我爸爸妈妈周末要去看望爷爷奶奶。

My father and mother are going to my grandparents 3.—今天下午你要去哪里 —are you going this —我要去书店。

—I’m _______ ______ the bookstore.

4.我要去买一本漫画书。I’m going to a 5.—你怎样去学校? — do you to ?

—我乘公交车。 —I go .


( ) 1. When are you going? a. He is a teacher.

( ) 2. How can we go there? b. It is green.

( ) 3. What does he do? c. I’m going at 5 o’clock.

( ) 4. What color is it? d. I am watching TV.

( ) 5. What are you doing? e. You can walk.



Tomorrow is Saturday. Ben isn't going to school. He is going to get up early. In the morning, he is going to Xinhua Library .He's going there by bus. He's going to have lunch in KFC In the afternoon, he is going to play ping-pong with his friends. At about 4:30,he is going home to do homework. Then he is going to water the flowers .He's going to cook the meals for his parents in the evening.

( )1.What day is it today? Today is .

A. Friday. B. Saturday.

( )2. What’s Ben going to do on Saturday morning ?

He is going to

A. Xinhua Library B. visit his grandparents

( )3. Ben is going to have lunch ?

A. In KFC . B. In McDonald's

( )4. Ben is going to Xinhua Library by

A. train. B. bus

( )5. Is Ben a good boy?

A Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't.

(二) 阅读下面的短文,判断下列句子的对错。

Today is Friday. I’m going to take a trip tomorrow. Now I’m going to

the supermarket. I’m going to buy some food and a comic book. First , I ’m going to Guangzhou tomorrow morning. I’m going to go by train. I’m going to read my new comic book on the train. Then I’m going to Kunming by plane from Guangzhou. In Kunming , I’m going to see folk dances and eat snack. I’ll be very happy.

( ) 1. I’m going to take a trip next Friday.

( ) 2 I’m going to buy some food and a comic book tomorrow.

( )3. I’m going to Guangzhou by train this morning.

( )4. I’m going to Kunming by plane.

( ) 5. I’m going to see modern dances in Kunming.


A. Where is it?

B. How can I get there?

C. Thank you very much.

D.What are you doing to do there?

E. Is it far from here?

F. That's OK.

G. When are you going ?

A: Excuse me,

I'm new here.I Want to go to the


B: It's north of the post office.

A: _____________________

B: Yes ,it is .



B: You can go by the No.14 bus.

Get off at the science museum, and

then turn left .You can see it. __________________________ A: I'm going to buy a story book. ___________________ B: You're welcome.

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