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六年级英语上册Unit 6词组归纳课件

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New Year’s Day 1月1日
eat a lot of delicious food 吃许多美味的食物 go shopping 购物 have a party 举办一个生日聚会 have a big lunch 吃一顿丰盛的午餐

May Day 5月1日
meet friends and relatives 会见亲戚朋友 go to parks and beaches 去公园和海滩

Children’s Day6月1日
sing and dance 唱歌跳舞 have parties at school 在学校举办聚会 play with friends 和朋友玩 play games 做游戏

National Day 10月1日 have a long holiday 度过一个长假 go to Beijing 去北京

Spring Festival 1月或2月
eat lots of delicious food 吃许多美味的食物 visit relatives and friends 走亲访友 visit your grandparents 拜访你的祖父母

Dragon Boat Festival 5月或6月
watch Dragon Boat races 观看龙舟 比赛 eat rice dumplings 吃粽子 go swimming 去游泳

Mid-Autumn Festival 9月或10月
watch the moon 赏月 eat moon cakes 吃月饼 play with lanterns 玩灯笼

Easter 3月或4月
eat chocolate eggs 吃巧克力蛋 go to a party 参加一个聚会

Halloween 10月31日
dress up in costumes 乔装打扮 go to parties 参加聚会 make pumpkin lanterns 制作南瓜灯

Christmas 12月25日
give presents to each other 互相赠送礼物 give presents to your friends 送礼物给你的朋友

am, is do, does

was did had went

has, have go

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