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1. There is a supermarket near my home. It’s very big. It sells a lot of things. We can buy food like fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, milk and many kinds of drink. We can also buy pens, bags, books, erasers, rulers and sharpeners. There are many clothes and some other things like TV, bikes, washing-machines or computers, too. Some of the things are very cheap, but some of them are very expensive. I like helping my parents do some shopping. Sometimes I do shopping on my way home. Sometimes I go there with my parents on Saturdays or Sundays. The shop assistants there are very friendly. They often help us do the shopping. They work from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. They all work hard very much.

( ) 1. What things can we buy in the supermarket?

A. Food and drink.

C. Living things. B. Office things. D. All of A, B and C

( ) 2. Are the things cheap or not in the supermarket?

A. Yes, they are.

B. No, they are not. D. They are all cheap. C. Some are cheap.

( ) 3. When does the writer go shopping with his parents?

A. On the way home. B. On Saturdays or Sundays.

D. On weekdays. C. On the way to school.

( ) 4. Why does the writer think the shop assistants are very friendly?

A. Because they often help us do the shopping.

B. Because they all work hard very much.

C. Because they sell a lot of things.

D. Because they sell food and drink.

( ) 5. How long does the supermarket usually keep open every day?

A. Eight hours.

C. Thirteen hours.

B. Twelve hours. D. Twenty-four hours.

2. Are you looking for something fun and would you like to help other people in your spare time (业余时间)? Then join us to be a volunteer. (志愿者). We have volunteer jobs for people of all ages. Anyone from twelve-year-old children to people in their 80s, can become a volunteer. You can help people in many ways. Schools need help with taking care of children while their parents are working. Hospitals need volunteers to look after children while their parents seeing a doctor. Animal lovers can help take care of those dogs and cats without homes. There is something for everyone. “As a volunteer, I don’t want to get anything. Seeing the children’s happy faces, I am happy, too,”says Carlos Domingo, an old woman of 62. “I often help older people learn how to use computers,”says another volunteer at the age of 18. If everyone helps out a bit, we’ll have a better world to live in. Interested in? Call us on 555-5756. Or visit our website: www. activol. com.

( ) 1. What kind of people can become volunteers?

A. Only children and students. B. People from 12 years old to about 80.

C. Only old people teachers. D. Any people from 18 years old to 62.

( ) 2. Which of the following is not right according to the passage? A. Volunteers can help other people in many ways.

B. Volunteers can help people when people need help.

C. Volunteers can help the children when their parents are not at home.

D. Volunteers must learn how to use computers well.

( ) 3. Which is right according to the passage?

A. Carlos Domingo is very happy to be a volunteer.

B. Carlos Domingo needs some help of volunteers.

C. Carlos Domingo can’t be a volunteer because she is too old.

D. Carlos Domingo does not like to be a volunteer because she doesn’t

want get anything.

( ) 4. From Carlos Domingo’s words, we know volunteers ____ when they help


A. can get some help

C. want to get nothing

B. should make some money D. must work with children ( ) 5. If you want to get some information about volunteers, you can ____.

A. call on 555-5756

B. visit the website D. No answer. C. Both A and B are right.

3. There is a city (城市) in the world people do not drive cars. It is called Venice (威尼斯). Venice is in Italy(意大利). There are no streets in Venice. But there are canals (水道). The canals look like streets. There is much water in those canals. In Venice people ride about the city in boats. Your father and mother may ride in a bus to work. But in Venice, fathers and mothers ride in boats.

( ) 1. There are many ______ in Venice.

A. canals B. streets C. roads

( ) 2. The canals look like ____.

A. water B. streets C. boats

( ) 3. There’s _____ water in the canals.

A. little B. much C. many

( ) 4. In Venice, people often _____.

A. ride a bike B. ride a horse C. ride in boats

( ) 5. Venice is in ____.

A. Italy B. China C. world

4. It is Saturday. The Browns are at home. Mrs. Brown is in the kitchen. She’s making apple pies. The pies she makes are very delicious. Do you want to have a taste? Mr. Brown isn’t in the living room. He is outside. He is washing his car. The car is new and very beautiful. So he looks after it very well. Jim is in the garden. He is playing football with some other boys. Where is his sister, Sue? She’s in her bedroom with her friend, Ann. They are watching the Animal World.

( ) 1. There are _____ people in Mr. Brown’s family.

A. six B. four C. two

D. three ( ) 2. Mrs. Brown is _____. A. tasting the apple pies

C. cooking B. watching TV D. eating a cake

C. his family

D. his car ( ) 3. Mr. Brown looks after _____ very well. A. Mrs. Brown B. his daughter ( ) 4. Who are playing outside? A. Mrs. Brown and Sue.

C. Sun and Ann.

B. Some boys. D. Some girls.

( ) 5. Sun and Ann are ____.

A. watching TV in the living room.

C. watching TV in Sue’s room B. playing in Ann’s room D. playing football in the open air

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