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形 成 性 测 试 (Unit 3)



I’d like some

I don’t like orange juice. They’re


[k?t] [d?g] ['m??ki] ['p?nd?] ['r?bit] [d?k] [pig] [b?:d] [b??] ['elif?nt] [maus] ['skwir?l]

[keik] [bred] [h?t] [d?g] ['h?mb?:g?] ['t?ikin]

[frent?] [fraiz] [k?uk] [d?u:s] [milk] ['w?:t?]

[ti:] ['k?fi] [w?n] [tu:] [θri:] [f?[faiv] [siks]

['sevn] [eit] [nain] [ten] [d?l] ?ut] [b?

[kait] [b?'lu:n] [kɑ[plein] 【词形转换】

bean(复数) tomato(复数) I’d like(完整形式) thin(反义词) potato(复数) let’s(完整形式)


1. We have mutton, fish and tofu today.

2. What do you have for lunch on Thursdays?

3. What is your favorite food?

4. I like apples because they are sweet.


6.星期三的晚饭吃什么? 10

形 成 性 测 试 (Unit 3)


( )1、 ( )2、

( )3、 ( )4、 ( )5、

( ) 6. I don’t Sour. A. they are B. it’s C. They’re

( A. is B. are C. like

( ) 8. I’m hungry. A. Let B. Let’s C. Lets

( ) 9. Cabbage and cucumber are . A. meat B. vegetables C. Fruit

( ) 10. Oops! These noodles are salty. A. to B. two C. too

( ) 11. It’s 6:30p.m. Let’s have A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 12. Pork and mutton are A. fruits B. meat C. vegetables

( . A. zongzi B. moon cake

( ) 14. Vinegar(醋) usually tastes . A. salty B. sour C. sweet

( ) 15. I’d like rice and mutton lunch today. A. for B. at C. on

( ) 16. Carrot juice is healthy A. with B. for C. at

( ) 17. –I’m hungry, Mom. -Oh! Mew Mew is hungry, . A. to B. two



1. What do you have for breakfast today? My favorite food is fish.

2. What would you like for lunch? No, we have cabbage and mutton.

3. What’s your favorite food? I have pork and cabbage for breakfast.

4. Do you have any noodles? I’d like some fish and noodles.


1. Watermelon is 2. Your school menu (sound) very good.

3. I don’t like (orange). They’re sour.

4. Usually we have some 11 C. dumplings C. too

形 成 性 测 试 (Unit 3)

5. The hamburger is

6. Opens! The noodles are too 【阅读理解】


Many people like apples, because (因为) apples are tasty and healthy. They’re very good fruits. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Vegetables, such as cabbage, eggplant are healthy for us, too. But many kids don’t like vegetables. They like meat. They eat pork, beef and mutton so much. Meat is helpful, but too much meat is bad for our health. So remember, always eat more(更多的) fruits, more vegetables but less meat.


1. Apples are good for our health. ( )

2. Many kids eat cabbage too much. ( )

3. Meat is bad for our healthy. Don’t eat any meat. ( )

4. More fruits, more vegetables are good for us. ( )

5. Many kids like meat much more than vegetables. ( )

6.文章中单词less的意思应该是:A.多的 B.更少的 C.没有


Zip: I like pears. They are sweet. What’s your favorite fruit, Rabbit?

Rabbit: I like carrot. It’s tasty for me.

Monkey: I don’t like carrot. But I like carrot juice. It’s healthy.

Zoom: Is carrot juice your favorite drink(饮料), Monkey?

Monkey: Of course not. Bananas are my favorite. What about you, Zoom?

Zoom: Ha! Guess. My favorite fruit is round and very big. It’s green.It’s sweet and juicy. We often eat it in summers. What is it? Zip: I know!


1. What’s Zip’s favorite fruit?2.

3. Is monkey’s favorite drink carrot juice?4. What is monkey’s favorite fruit? 12

形 成 性 测 试 (Unit 3)

5. What is Zoom’s favorite fruit? Do you know?



Here is a picture of my friends. The boy with the short red hair is Tom. He’s very funny. That’s his motorcycle. It’s nice. The girl with long black hair and blue eyes is Angela. She is quiet. She is a university student. The tall girl with short yellow hair is Ingrid. She wears glasses. She is a basketball player. She is very active. That short boy is Mike, my best friend. He has brown curly hair and green eyes. He’s very smart.






下面给你提供了一个school menu。请你根据合理的膳食,为每天搭配不同的食物,并填写下面一则ad(广告),把你的school menu向大家宣传一下!

Tuesday, we have bread and_________. On you can eat___________, beef, ____________ and Thursday, we have_________,______________, and apple juice. On Friday, .

Everything is tasty, and I am sure there must be something your favorite. Come on, boys and girls! Don’t wait! See you tomorrow.


形 成 性 测 试 (Unit 3)


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