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一、找出发音不同的单词 (10′)

( )1. A:peach B:tea C:seat D:bread ( )2. A:blue B:black C:blow D:brow ( )3. A: B: C: D:( )4. A:now B:window C:yellow D:snow ( )5. A:floor B:frog C:fruit D:from 二、按要求写单词 (10′)

1. short(反义词)_______ 2.young(反义词)____________ 3.Tuesday(缩写)________ 4.Sat. (完全形式)_________ 5.two(同音词)__________ 6.know(同音词)____________ 7.tomato(复数)_________ 8.apple(复数)_______________ 9.fun(形容词)__________ 10.me(主格)________________ 三、英汉互译 (10′)

1.读书. 2.在星期 3.做作业 4.看电视 5.怎么样 6.do house work. 7.so much. 8.I′d like 9.have to 10.play computer games


( )1. what would you like for breakfast A:I′d like some milk and bread B:I have some chicken and cabbages C:I like some water

( )2. I like fruit._________I don’t like grapes A: but B: and C:for

( )3. which day is the first dag in a week A:mondag B:Sunday C:Saturday ( )4. what______ you______ on saturdays A: do does B:do do C: does do weekends ( )5. I do my home work________do sports on A: or B: with C:and ( )6.Mr canter is_________canada A:from B:in C:at

( ) 7. what′s he________? He′s tall and strong

A:like B:look like C:likes

( )8.we________a new math teacher A:has B:have C:are

( ) 9. I dong′t like grapes . they′re_________ A:sweet B:sour C:healthy ( )10.________your math teacher?Mr zhao A:what′s B:who′s C:where′s 五、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. What__________(do)you do on Sundays? I _________(do)my home work.

2. _________(be)Alice′s father active? 3. who′s________(you)math teacher?

4. I______(like)grapes but TingTing______(like)apples. 5.He often____________(have)tofu and fish. 六、句型转换 (10′)

1. They′re my books。(变一般疑问句,做否定回答) 2. My favourite food is fish.(划线部分提问) 3. I′d like some potatoes. (划线部分提问)

4. My father is tall and thin.(划线部分提问)

5. I often do my homework and watch TV on Sundays.(划线部分提问) 七、连词成句

1. is teacher your who art? 2. pretty is active and lady the 3. today is day what it?

4. have you on do what Wednesdays? 5. what your food is favourite? 八、阅读理解(10′)

I have a new pan pal. He′s Jason, He′s from America He′s young and tall. but he′s not quiet at all. His father is Mr smith our new art teacher. He′s tall and thin.He often plays football on the weekends. but Mr Smith is very strict. ()1. Jason is my pen friend ()2.Jason is form China. ()3.Mr Smith is tall and strong.

()4.Jason often plays football on the weekends. ()5.Mr Smith teachers music. 九、作文。


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