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1( X ) sit please 3( √ ) these we 5( √) hide drive 2 ( √ ) fish sister 4 ( √ ) leg egg 6 ( √ ) office hobby

7( X ) go doctor
9( √ ) cut up

8 (√ ) excuse use
10( x ) ant plane

烹调: ___ ___ ___k c o o w e 打扫:s___ e___p 踢: k___ c___ i k 喝: d__ ___ n__ r i k 洗: ___a__ __ w s h 吃: ___ ___ t e a 擦: ___l___ ___n c e a

mopping 1.mop__________ coming 3.come_________ cutting 5.cut___________ eating 7.eat___________ nodding 9.nod___________ sweeping 2.sweep__________ closing 4.close___________ getting 6.get_____________ weighing 8.weigh___________ sitting 10.sit_____________

B 给出相应单词 1.finish(过去分词)_________ finished 2.know(单三) ________ knows

3.don’t(完整形式)_____ _____ do not I will/shall 4.I’ll(完整形式) ___ _____

5. man(复数)

men ________

和我玩 1 play with me______________ 试试看 2 have a try ________________ 寻找(某人或某物) 3 look for__________________

一起做 4 do it together______________
整理我的房间 5 tidy my room______________

6have a good sleep______________ 睡个好觉

7 water the flowers______________ 浇花
8 next door____________________ 隔壁 9 in a few days_________________ 几天后 10 do taiji _____________________ 打太极拳

( C ) 1. Can you ________ me? A. play B. playing with C play with
play with+人 和...玩

( B ) 2. I’m _____ the floor. A. mop B. mopping

C. moping

现在进行时 be动词+动词现在分词, mop现在分词双写mopping

( B ) 3. I’m looking _____ my glasses. A. at B. for C. out of look for 寻找

( A ) 4. I want_____ the desks and chairs. A. to clean B. clean C. am cleaning want to+动词原形 想干...

( B ) 5. You _____ have a good sleep here. A. are B. can C. do can+动词原形 ( C ) 6. Have you ______? Not _____. A. finishing, too B. finish, haven’t C. finished, yet 现在完成时,have+动词过去分词; yet用于否定句,not yet还没

( A )7. I’m ______ my closet. A. closing B. close C. closed
现在进行时 be动词后选现在分词closing

( C ) 8. I ____ holding my umbrella. A. is B. are C. am
现在进行时 现在分词前选be动词, 与I搭配的be动词am

( B ) 9. What are you ______? A. going B. doing C.do
现在进行时 What are you doing? 你正在干什么?

( C )10. ______she doing? A. What B. What does C. What’s 现在进行时 be动词不能丢 ( C )11. _____she ______bread? A. Does… cut B. Did…cutting C. Is…cutting 现在进行时 be动词与现在分词搭配

( B )12. The boy _____ her _____ opening a can. A. is beside…is B. beside ….is C. besiding…does the boy beside her她旁边的男孩, beside her做boy的定语;现在进行时, 选择相应的be动词,is ( B )13

What ______ doing? A. he B. is he C. are he 现在进行时,be动词is与he搭配

( C )14.He’s _______a bike. A. rides B. ride C riding 现在进行时 be+动词ing,ride去e+ing ( C )15 Mother crow _____ old. A. is geting B. get C. is getting

现在进行时表将来 is getting old变老 ( A )16 Look ______ the worm. A. at B. of C. like
look at看...

( B ) 17. Come _____ watch my family video. A. but B and C to and连接两个并列的动词

( A ) 18. What are these _____ doing? A. men B. man C. mans these+名词复数 man复数men

( C ) 19. It’s my cousin’s ______ birthday party. A. one year old B. one-years-olds C. one-year-old one-year-old (一岁的)做形容词修饰 birthday party, 连字符不能丢 ( B ) 20. He _____ the elephant’s weight this way. A. know B. knows C. knowing 一般现在时 he是单三人,选择单三动 词knows

( C ) 21. This is a picture _____ my family. A. off B. on C. of a picture of...的照片

( C ) 22. Is he _____kung fu? A. going B. playing C. doing do kung fu练功夫
( C ) 23. I’ll_______ next door. A. going B. go C. go to
一般将来时,助动词will+动词原形; I'll=I will/I shall ; go to next door 到隔壁去

( C ) 24. I’ll ____back ____ a few days. A. come to…in B. go…on C. be…in 一般将来时,will+动词原形; be back回来; in a few days几天后,用于一般将来 时态 ( A ) 25. We have _____salt. A. no B. not C. any have no没有= have not any

( E )1 What’s the boy doing? A. She’s singing. ( C )2 Where is No.2 Park Street? B. It’s Dick. ( A )3 What’s the woman doing? C. It’s next to the cinema. ( B )4 Who’s that boy? D. No, she isn’t. ( D )5 Is she washing the vegetables? E. He’s sweeping the floor.

A:【playing, me, little, reading, watching,violin】

This is a picture of my family. In the picture,
you can see my mother, father, brother and me reading ______. My father is _________a newspaper.

watching My mother is _________TV. I’m playing the
violin little _______. What’s my ______brother doing? He’s playing with a cat. _______

B : 【 school, chess, are, Sunday, talking 】

Today is ______. The children are not at Sunday

_______. Where are they? They are at David’s school
house. What are they doing? Zhang Hong and David’s sister _____cooking. John is are ______with Helen in her bedroom. Li Ming is talking playing ______ with David. chess

The White family are at home. Mrs White is
in the kitchen. She is cooking. Mr White is sitting in a chair and reading the newspaper. Tom and his brother Dick are cleaning the

bike. Jane and her little sister Mary are in the
bedroom. They are listening to the tape.


( √ ) 1. Mrs White is in the kitchen.

( X ) 2. Mr White is talking to Mrs White.
( X ) 3. Tom and Dick are cleaning the bedroom.

( √ ) 4. Mrs White is Jane’s mother.
( √ ) 5. Mary is

Mr White’s daughter.

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