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1.March 8th is __________Day. (woman).

2.Taking twenty __________(分钟) exercise every day is good for your health.

3.The shop sells ____________(妇女) handbags.

4.I’ll give my English teacher a card for ____________Day. (teacher)

5.It’s only ten __________walk from the station to the hotel. (minute)

6.It’s an __________(hour) ride from here to the museum.


7.----How’s Joy’s skirt?

----Her skirt is more beautiful than ________.

A.her sister’s and Kate B.her sister and Kate C.her sister and Kate’s D.her sister’s and Kate’s

8.This is _______ room. The twin sisters like it very much.

A.Lucy’s and Lily’s B.Lucy’s and Lily C.Lucy and Lily’s

9.In ______ time, those mountains will be covered with trees, too.

A.few years B.a few years’ C.a few year D.a few year’s

10.We will have a ___________holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two–month C. two month’s D. two–months

11.Did you hear the ___________report?

A. policemen B. policemen’s C. policemens’ D. policemens

12.It’s about __________walk from my home.

A. ten minute B. ten minutes’ C. ten minute’s D. ten minutes

13.This is my dress. That one is ______________.

A. Mary B. Mary’s C. sister D. mother

14.Every morning Mr. Smith takes a ________ to his office.

A. 20 minutes walk B. 20 minute’s walk C. 20-minutes walk D. 20-minute walk

15.Where is ___________ sweater ? I can’t see it.

A. Lucy B. Lucys C. Lucy’s

16.__________ mothers made them have piano lessons.

A. Peter and Anne B. Peter’s and Anne’s C. Peter’s and Anne D. Peter and Anne’s

17.The room on the right is ________.

A. her B. she C. Lucy’s D. Lucy

18.We’ll have a ____________ holiday. What about going to the West Lake?

A. two days B. two-day C. two-days D. two-days’

19.Where’s your father ? At _________.

A. Mr Green’s B. Mr. Green C. the Mr. Green’s

20.My father will have a _________ holiday next month. He’ll take me to Qingdao.

A. ten days B. ten days’ C. ten-days D. ten day’s

21.When we saw the film Hero, I sat between Ted and Ben. That is to say my seat was between ____________.

A. Ted and Ben B. Ted’s and Ben C. Ted and Ben’s D. Ted’s and Ben’s

22.Whose bike is it ? It’s ____________.

A. John B. John’s C. Johns’ D. Johns

23.I’ll give you ________to finish the work. OK.

A. two week’s time B. two weeks’ time

C. two week time D. two weeks time

24.________ desk is the cleanest in the classroom.

A. Ann’s and Tom B. Ann and Tom’s C. Ann and Tom D. Ann’s and Tom’s

25.My pen is black. _________ is blue.

A. Kates B. Kate C. Kate’s

26.Is this your room? No, it’s _________room.

A. the children B. the children’s C. of the children D. the childrens’

27.Who is the man in the blue car? He is __________ father.

A. Kate’s and Mary’s B. Kate and Mary’s C. Kate and Mary D. of Kate and Mary

28. Today is September 10th. It's ________ Day.

A. Teacher B. Teacher's C. Teachers' D. Teacher'

29. It's June 1st, it's ________ Day.

A. Childrens B. Children's C. Childrens' D. Childrens's

30. This year, ________ is on May 9th.

A. My mother's brithday B. My mothers' brithday C. My mothers brithday D. My mothers's brithday

31. Lin Tao is ill, so he has to go to the ________ .

A. doctor B. doctor's C. doctors' D. doctor'

32. —Where is Mr. Zhang?

—He is in the ________ .

A. teacher's reading room B. teachers' reading room C. teacher reading room D. teachers reading room

33. This is ________ ball. It's not ________ .

A. the boy's, girl's B. the boy's, the girl's C. the boy, the girl D. boys', girls

34. This year, the most popular ________ hat is that kind.

A. woman's B. womens' C. women's D. womans'

35. These are ________ .

A. newspaper of today B. today's newspaper C. today's newspapers' D. today newspaper's

36. It's about ________ from my home to our school.

A. twenty minutes' walk B. walk of twenty minutes' C. walk of twenty minutes' D. twenty minute's walk

37. ________ is very small and white. A. The hat of your brother's

B. The hat of your brother C. Your brother's hat D. Your brother hat

38. This is ________ .

A. Mike and Jim's bike B. Mike's and Jim bike C. Mike's and Jim's bike D. Mike and Jim bike

39. He is ________ . A. one student of my father

B. one of my father's student C. my father's students D. one student of my father's

40. Ken is also ________ .

A. one cousin of mine B. one cousin of my C. one cousin of me D. one cousin of I

41. ________ has travelled to Beijing.

A. A friend of her B. A friend of hers C. A her friend D. Her's one friend

42. These are ________ books. Li Lin bought some at the Sun Bookstore and Jill bought some at the Blue Sky Bookstore.

A. Li Lin's and Jill B. Li Lin and Jill's C. Li Lin's and Jill D. Li Lin's and Jill's

43. Billy and I are good friends, I have ________ . Look at this one, how sweet he is smiling!

A. some pictures of Billy' B. some pictures of Billy's C. some Billy's pictures D. some pictures of Billy

44. This is ________ , and I borrowed it two days ago.

A. a picture of Mr. Cox B. a picture of Mr. Cox's C. a Mr. Cox' picture D. Mr. Cox's picture Ⅳ.改错

45.It is Mr Crisps book. ____________________________

46.This is my mother’ coat. ____________________________

47.That is the teathers pen. ____________________________

48.Today is Teather’s Day. ____________________________

49.This is man’s room. ____________________________


50.汤姆(Tom)的书_________________ 51. 男孩们的书包___________________

52.老师的钢笔___________________ 53. 儿童节___________________

54.老师们的办公室___________________ 55.教师节___________________

56.母亲节___________________ 57.房间的窗户_____________________

58.家庭照片___________________ 59.桌子的颜色___________________

60.商店的门___________________ 61.Tom和Sandy的班级___________________

62.Tom 爸爸的一个朋友_____________ 63.爸爸妈妈各自的朋友___________________


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