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六年级英语第一学期6B Unit1 练习

一、找出一个与所给单词划线部分读音相同的单词。 ( )1.( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. ( )6. ( )7. ( )8. ( )9. ( )10. 二、翻译高手。请你将下列词组进行英汉互译。

1.和…一样胖 2.小一岁 3.在一棵大树下 4.看起来一样 5.a twin brother 6.have a chat 7.twenty minutes younger 8.142 centimetres 9.星期天早晨_______________ 10.去散步_______________ 11.在公园_________________ 12.遇见他的堂弟_____________ 13.非常高兴看见他们_____________________

14.坐下__________________ 15.聊天__________________ 16.我的同班同学_________________ 17.她的名字________________ 18.看起来很像___________________ 19.和我一样重_______________ 20.比你更瘦____________________ 21.比我年轻一岁_______________ 22.想要遇见她_________________ 23.在你的家庭里________________ 24.一只强壮的老虎_______________

25.Try again!_______________ 26.five centimetres taller than him__________ 27.one day______________ 28.the only child in his family_________________

29.thirty minutes younger than us___________________

30.That’s interesting!______________ 31.my mum says_____________ 32.also her child_______________ 33.Here he is._________________ 34.a twin brother________________ 35.Su Yang’s uncle and aunt______________三、句型匹配。

( )1.Lily has a twin sister. A. No, they don’t.

( )2.Do they look the same? B. Really? That’s interesting. ( )3.Who is younger, Ben or Jack? C. No, she isn’t. ( )4.Which one is heavier? D. The red one. ( )5.Is Nancy shorter than Helen? E. Ben is. 四、语海拾贝。请你仔细读题,找找哪一个选项最合适。 ( )1.Gao Shan is than David.

A. tall B. as tall as C. taller

( )2.Whose school bag is bigger, yours or .

A. mine B. my C. me

( )3.Look,the girls_____under the big tree.

A. sit B. are sitting C. sitting

( )4.I want to her one day.

A. visit B. meeting C. met

( )5. is taller than David? Jack is.

A. Whose B. Who C. Who’s

( )6.This school bag is .

A. Jack’s B. Jacks C. Jack is

( )7.You are child in his family.

A. only B. an only C. the only

( )8.—Are you twins? — .

A. Yes, I am. B. No, we don’t. C. Yes, we are.

( )9.—What date is it today? — .

A. It’s Thursday. B. It’s the 1st of March. C. It’s March.

( )10.We don’t go to school Saturday morning.

A. in B. on C. at

五、超级变身。用给单词适当形式填空。 1.Is Su Yang as (busy) as Su Hai? 2.It is (hot) today than yesterday. 3.Lucy and Lily are (twin). 4.Look, they are (have) a chat. 5.I want (meet) my uncle one day. 6.Whose ruler is longer, mine or (he)? 7.My brother is two years __________(old)than me. 8.Tom is as ________(fat) as Jim.

9.Is your sister __________(young) than you?Yes,she is. 10.Who is ___________(thin),you or Helen?Helen is.

11.Whose pencil-box is __________(big),yours or hers?Hers is. 12.Mary’s hair is as __________(long) as Lucy’s. 13.Look,they are _________(have) a chat.

14.On Saturday,I _________(go) to a zoo with my friends.

15.Su Hai and Su Yang usually ______(go) to school at seven o’clock.16.Nancy often __________(go)to bed at nine twenty in the evening. 六、根据中文和句意填入正确单词:

1.We _________(遇见)our teacher in the shop last night. 2.Elephants are bigger _________(比)ants.

3.Whose eyes are bigger, yours or _________(我的)? 4.Are ________(他们的)oranges as big as our oranges? 5.The cats are __________(小)than the tigers. 七、翻译句子:


________ is _________than Jim? ________ are

2.谁比David更强壮?是Gao Shan.

________ _________ than David? Gao Shan ________. 3.谁的铅笔更长,他的还是她的?我想是她的。

_________ pencil is _________,______or________?________is,I think. 4.谁的苹果更重,你的姐姐的还是你的弟弟的? 我的弟弟的。 _________ apples ________ ________,your _______ or your _______? My ____________ ___________. 5.你和你的叔叔一样高吗?是的。

_________ ________as _________as your uncle?Yes,I am. 6.他和他的朋友Jim一样年轻。

He _______ as __________ as ________ ________ Jim. 7.她和她的双胞胎哥哥一样胖吗?不,她比他瘦。 ________ ________ as _________ as______ twin _______? No, _________ _________ than him. 八、趣味阅读。根据故事内容回答问题。

Near my house, there is a farm. There are many animals on it. The cat isn’t bigger than the dog. But it runs quicker than the dog. The goat(山羊) isn’t fatter than the sheep. But it is taller than the sheep(绵羊). The monkey isn’t stronger than the elephant. But it is cleverer(聪明的) than the elephant. They are all our friends. 1.Who is bigger, the cat or the dog?

__________________________________________ 2.Who is thinner, the goat or the sheep? _________________________________________ 3.Is the elephant stronger than the monkey? _________________________________________ 4.Where are they?


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