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? 1. What time is it?= What’s the time? ? 2. It’s time for +名= It’s time to+动词 ? 3. Have no time to do sth= ?Have no time for sth 4. take a walk= go for a walk 5.be from= come from


1.What time is it ?= What’s the time? 2. It’s time for lunch.= It’s time to have lunch. 3.I have no time for lunch.= I have no time to have lunch. 4.He often goes for a walk after supper.=He often takes a walk after supper. 5.I come from the USA.=I am form the USA.

用Do、 does 、am is are填空
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.They are afraid of the teacher. 2. Does she late for school? 3. Does she have lunch at 12:00? 4. Do you have breakfast at 7:00? 5.They are friends. 6. Does Mary wake up at 7:00? 7. Does Lele do morning exercises every day?

? 1.

I usually have rice for lunch.

What do you
? 2.

usually have?

It’s eleven thirty. I come form the USA.

What time is it?/What’s the time?
? 3.

Where do you come from?
4. she comes from the USA.
? ? ?

Where does she come from?

? 1.There is something wrong and the clock. ? 2.Does she comes here every day? ? 3.Does she does morning exercises before 7:00? ? 4.She do morning exercises after supper. ? 5.He isn’t at home, too. ? 6.She always gets up on 7:00. ? 7.I usually have bread in lunch.

? I often go to school at 1:00. 把主语变成he. ? He often goes to school at 1:00. ? They usually have breakfast at 6:30.把句 子的主语变成John. ? John usually has breakfast at 6:30. ? 3. Miss green comes from the USA.把主语 变成 I. ? I come from the USA

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