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教案Pep 2 Unit4 A Let spell

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Pep 2 Unit4 A Let’s spell “o” 一、教学目标:

1. 掌握o字母在闭音节的发音并学会拼读符合发音规律的单词,见词能读、听音能写。

2.能在四线格中用书写体正确抄写box, dog, orange, body。 3.在听力练习的过程中提高学生的听力能力,培养听力技能。

4. 能表演语篇,懂得团结合作。







Step1 Warm up/Review

1. Let’s chant: ooo

2. Let’s review: b/b/, c/k/…a/?/ cat fat

Step2 Presentation

1. Look at the cat. It is fat. Look at the pig. It is big.

Look at the dog. It’s on the log.

Log, log, where are you from?

I’m from the tree.

Wow, oranges! An orange tree.

dog on log from orange ---o/?/

2. Let’s chant: o/?/ o/?/ o/?//?//?/ o/?//?/ /?//?/o

3. o-x ox Look at the ox. It is _____. (tall/fat/…引出并教授strong) f-o-x fox教授 b-o-x box 板书并让学生描红

o-c-k ock l-o-c-k lock c-l-o-c-k clock

4. Look, where is the clock? It’s on the orange tree. Play a game.

(转动时钟,由时针和分针指向的字母组成单词,让学生自己去读) box fog 示范

hot教授:It’s so hot.(做动作)

hop教授:Hop, hop, hop.(做动作)

god教授:Oh, my god! (做动作)



5. Hello! I'm Tom. I'm a dog. I have a long body. I can hop on the box. 听录音,拼出小狗的名字Tom.

再听一次填空dog. 最后听一次填空body(板书并让学生描红), box Step3: Practice and consolidation

1. Let’s chant:

Hop dog, hop!

Hop dog, hop!

On the box!

On the box!

Hop dog, hop!

Hop, hop, hop! (听2次,学生自己吟唱)

It’s so hot.

2. 听录音填空orange(板书并让学生描红),再听一次选择I’m not tall。It's so hot.

I'd like some _____s.

Hop to the box.

Oh, my god._________.

Who can help me?

3. Read and choose:

I can help you.

I'm small and thin.

I have a long tail and small mouth. (fox- Bob)

4. T=Tom, B=Bob (听录音填空,并表演对话)

T: Hello, Bob.

B: Hello, Tom.

T: It's so ____. I'd like some ______. But I'm ___ tall.

B: ___ to my head

T: OK!

T@B: Oh, my ___!

5. 听录音得出Who is coming? What’s the ox’s name? –Pop.

给语言框架,让学生自己演一演T=Tom, P=Pop

T: Hello, ____.

P: Hello, ____.

T: It's_______. I'd like ___________.But ____________.

P: __________________.

T: OK!

P: Oh,______!


6. P: I’m strong. Mum~~~ T@B: Hooray!

7. Let’s act the whole story.

8. Let’s write

I‘m Tom. I’m a________ .

I have a long_________ . It's hot. I'd like some_________s. Hop to the_________? Hop to the fox? Hop to the ox? No! The Ox is strong. Boom~~

Hooray! The oranges are yummy!

9. Listen and repeat

Read, listen and number


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