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牛津小学英语6A 1—2单元练习卷



( )1、A. cousin B. kite C. come in

( )2、A. look around B. look at C. look for

( )3、A. pick B. must C. should

( )4、A.mean B.sign C. song

( )5、A.walk B.take C. like


( )1、A. I’d like a yo-yo. B. I like dancing. C. Yes, I do.

( )2、A. It’s Sunday. B. .Monday C. It’s the second of September. ( )3、A. It’s on the bed. B. It was on the bed. C. Ok.

( )4、A. It means danger.. B. No, you can. C. Yes,it does..

( )5、A. No, you can. B. Great! C. Yes, I can.


Mike:_________ your birthday,Tom?

Tom:It’s ______ the _____ of November. It’s coming soon.

Mike:Do you usually have a birthday ______ ?

Tom: Yes, I do.

Mike: Sure, what would you like ______ a birthday present?

Tom: Two diaries, please.



( )1、sm_ke A. a B. i C. o ______________ 1

( )2、shou_d A. l B. a C. o _____________

( )3、f_ rst A. o B. i C. e _____________

( )4、da_ e A. t B. i C. r ______________

( )5、s_gn A. i B. d C. n _________________


1、 2、

3、 4、散步5、 6、 8、谈论9、the third of April 10、三.选择题。(20分)

( )1、______is the second day of a week.

A. Thursday B. Monday C. Sunday

( )2、Ben would like some stamps ________ a birthday present.

A. as B. in C. for

( )3、It’s time _______ some cake.

A. to B. for C. have

( )4、Ben is _________ a walk in the park now.

A.taking B.take C.took

( )5、Can you _________ for me?

A. pick it up B. picking up C. pick up it

( )6、When is your mother’s birthday? ---It’s ____________ .

A. on the second of March B. Sunday C. second of March

( )7、What _________ it mean?

A.do B. does C.did

( )8、Jack always________a lot of questions. ,

A. has B. having C. have

( )9、What _____is it today? It’s on the first of March.


A. day B. date C. /

( )10. ---Can I go home now? ---- _____________.

A. No, I can’t. B. Yes, you can’t. C. No, you can’t.



( ) 1. What date is it today? A. It’s the fifth of May.

( ) 2.Good morning. B.Good morning.

( ) 3. What does it mean? C.It means‘Danger .’

( ) 4. Would you like a skirt as your present? D. Yes, I’d like to

( ) 5. Don’t make noise here. E.OK.

( ) 6. What would you like? F. Thank you.

( ) 7. Here’s a present for you. G. . I’d like a bookmark.

( ) 8. Can I watch TV? H.No,you can’t.

( ) 9. When’s your birthday? I. It’s on the fifth of May.

( ) 10.What day is it today? J. It’s Monday.


1、It means you (should) walk on the grass.

2、(take) a walk in the park now.

3、4、This sign means No_______(park).

5、’s Day.



_______ ________your birthday?

2、I’ birthday present. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ you like as 3、It’s time for some cake. (同义句转换)

It’s time _______ _______ some cake.

4、We should park our car here.(改为否定句)

We____________park our car here.

5.It means“对划线部分提问)


__________ ___________it mean?


1.sign a There is on the wall (.)


2.birthday your When’s (?)


3.It “Danger means (.)


4.I Can go in (?)


5.does it What mean (?) _____________________________________________


Lily: What date is it today, Julia?

Julia: It s the 31stof May.

Lily: Oh, tomorrow is Children s Day!

Julia: Yes, tomorrow is my birthday,too.

Lily:Really?That s great!

Julia:Would you like to come to my birthday party?

Lily: Sure.What would you like as a birthday present?

Julia: I d like a kite. I like flying kites very much.

Lily:Ok. What about a butterfly kite?

Julia: Ok.Thank you .See you tomorrow.

Lily:See you.

1. Tomorrow is the 31st of May? ( )

2. Children s Day is on the 1st of June.( )

3. Lily s birthday is on Children s Day.( )

4. Lily would like to come to Julia s birthday party.( )

5. Julia does not want any birthday present.( )





1.cousin 2.look around 3.must 4.sign 5..take


1、What would you like as your birthday present?

2.What date is it today?

3.Let s g the park.

4.What does it mean?

5.Can you swim?



Tom:It’’s coming soon. Tom: Yes, I do. Tom: Two diaries, please.


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