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六年级英语测试题 一

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六年级英语测试题 一

一、 按字母表顺序默写出26个英文字母(大写和小写)30分

二、 写出下列单词,并注意书写格式。20分

老师 漂亮的 站 粉色的 起床

澳大利亚 老朋友 加拿大 花 书

睡觉 赶快 玩具 钢笔 去上学

吃早餐 新朋友 苹果 大的 当心

三、 按要求完成句子10分

1. 起床的时间到了。(翻译成英语)


2. 你来自哪里? (翻译)


3. I, the, from, UK, am(连词成句)


4. I am not your mummy.(翻译成中文)


5. You can sing in English. (翻译成中文)


四、 看图,将相对应的单词和图片连线。(10分)

dog student coke elephant girl



Look! This is our school. It’s big and clean .There is a big playground in it . There are twenty classrooms in my school. The computer room is on the second floor .There is a library on the second floor, too. The music room and the art room are on the first floor. The teacher’s office is on the fourth (第四) floor. I like our school.

( ) 1. Our school is ______ and ______.

A. big; clean B. small; clean C big; beautiful

( ) 2. We have _______ classrooms.

A. eleven B. twenty C. twelve

( )3. The computer room is on the ________ floor.

A. one B. two C. second

( ) 4. The ________ is on the second floor.

A. library B. music room C. art room

( ) 5. The teacher’s office is ______ the fourth floor.

A. in B. on C. at

六、 仔细阅读短文,并判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。(10分)

I have a friend. She is a Chinese girl. She has long black hair. She has big eyes and a small mouth. She is pretty. She is thin. She is quite. She likes music and painting. Who is she? Guess! Her name is Chen Jie. Everyday we go to school together. After school we play games together .

( ) 1、 Chen Jie is a pretty Chinese girl .

( ) 2、Chen Jie has big eyes and big mouth .

( ) 3、Chen Jie likes music and painting .

( ) 4、My friend from Cananda..

( ) 5、Everyday I go to school with Chen Jie .

六、 写作。

My Friend

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