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( )1. A. thirty B. fifty C. four D. too ( )2. A. math B. English C. book D. Chinese ( )3. A. blue B. ruler C. green D. purple ( )4. A. tall B. sports C. strong D. quiet ( )5. A. notebook B. floor C. wall D. door 三、选择,将答案填入题前的括号里。(10分)

( )1. 当有人问你“她叫什么名字?”,你回答:

A. My name is Amy. B. Her name is Amy. C. His name is Amy. ( )2. 当你想告诉别人你有一个新朋友,你说:

A. I have a friend. B. I have a new classmate. C. I have a new friend.

( )3. 下午和朋友见面,你说:

A. Good morning. B. Good afternoon. C. Good evening. ( )4. 当你想让别人看这张图片时,你说:

A. Look the picture. B. Look at the picture. C. See the picture. ( )5. 你想知道朋友说的人是学生还是老师,你问:

A. Student or teacher? B. Student and teacher. C. Boy or girl? ( )6. 当你想告诉同学你有42本故事书,你说:

A. I have thirty –two picture books. B. I have forty-two story-books. C. I have forty-two notebooks.

( )7. 当你向别人介绍“他是短头发。”你说:

A. He has short hair. B. He have short hair. C. He is short hair. ( )8. 当你想对父母说自己的朋友很文静,你说:

A. My friend is quiet. B. My friend is strong. C. My friend is tall. ( )9. 当你想对朋友说“他喜欢音乐”,你说:

A. She like music. B. She likes music. C. He likes music. ( )10. 当朋友对你说“How are you?”你回答:

A. Fine, thank you. B. I’m ten. C. How are you? 四、选择填空。(10分)

1. I (have/has) a friend. 2. She (like/likes) music.

3. How many (book/books) do you have? 4. This is my (story book/story-book). 5. He has big (eyes/eye).

六、从B栏中选出A栏问句正确的答句,将序号填入题前的括号(10分) A栏 B栏

( )1. What’s your name? A. He’s John. ( )2. How old are you? B. His name is Mike.

( )3. How many friends do you have? C. 2 pencils and 5 books. ( )10. A. bag B. peach C. pear D. orange ( )4. What’s in your schoolbag? D. I have 4.


( )5. What color is your pen? E. Sure, here you are. ( )1. What’s her name? A. It’s green. ( )2. What color is your book? B. Yes, I do.

( )6. What’ s his name? F. I’m nine.

( )3. Do you like music? C. Her name is Chen Jie. ( )7. May I have a look? G. I’m fine. ( )4. What’s in your schoolbag?? D. Zhang Peng is. ( )8. Bye. H. See you. ( )9. Who’s he? I. My name is Zhang Peng.

( )10. How are you? J. Black.


二、(选出与其它三个不同类的单词,将序号填在括号内。)(10分) ( )2. A. pencil B. notebook C. book D. floor ( )3. A. thirty B. pen C. eleven D. fifty ( )4. A. bag B. thin C. strong D. tall ( )5. A. painting B. music C. teacher D. sports ( )6. A. boy B. girl C. student D. computer ( )7. A .red B. pencil C. green D. purple ( )8. A. mouse B. pig C. duck D. mouth ( )9. A. face B. head C. fish D. nose

)5. Who’s your best friend? E. Some books. )6. How many friends do you have? G.I have many friends. Read and choose.(选择填空。)(24分) )1. Here is ________ apple for you.

A. a B. an C. /

)2. We ________ a new classroom .

A. have B. are C. has

)3. Turn ________ the light.

A. in B. on C. near

)4. Look at the ________ desk.

A. teacher B. teachers C. teacher’s

)5. He ________ big eyes.

A. is B. has C. have

)6. What’s ________ name?

A. she B. she’s C. her

)7. Zhang Peng ________ painting.

A. like B. likes C. is

)8. Who’s your ________ teacher?

A. Chinese B. chinese C. Math

)9. We have six ________.

A. light B. lights C. a light

)10. My friend ________ quiet.


A. has B. are C. is

( )11. This my classroom A. am B. is C. are D. / ( )12. —What’s the classroom? —A board, two lights, many desks and chairs. A. on B. in C. under D. near ( )13. We have 6 new

A. light B. lights C. nights D. night ( )14. go and have a look.

A. Let’s B. Let C. let us D. let’s ( )15. Amy: Where’s your seat? Mike:

A. It near the door. B. Let’s go and have a look! C. It’s the door. D. It’s near the door.

( )17. —Let’s clean the window. — A. Yes. B. OK. C. Sorry. D. Excuse me. ( )18. Let clean the fish bowl. A. my B. I C. me D. our ( )19. Where the twenty desks? A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )20、This is his photo. Look! is tall.

A. He B. She C. He’s ( )21、He short brown hair.

A. have B. has C. there is ( )22、Listen music.

A. to B. of C. for

( )23、She is a girl. Name is Lucy.

A. His B. Her C. It’s

( )24、She music.

A. like B. likes C. to like 五、Read and write. (根据提示完成短文。)(10分)

Amy: Hello, Mike!

Mike: Hi, Amy!

Amy: Your______(书包) is so beautiful! What’s _____(里面) it? Mike: A pencil-case and many _____(书). Amy: What’s in your pencil-case?

Mike: Look! Two _____(尺子) and three ______(铅笔). Amy: Oh, so many things.

1. Read and choose.(看图,找出相应的单词,把单词的编号填在图下的括号里。)(本大题共10分,每小题1分)

A. computer B. spoon C. dog D. soup E. hamburger

F. kitchen G. key H. lion I. zipper J. lamp

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 3. Read and choose.(读问句选答句,把序号填在横线上)10% 1) Is she in the bedroom? _______ A No, they aren’t. B Yes, she is.

2) What’s your father? _______

A He’s a doctor.. B Yes, he is.

3) How many people are there in your family? _______ A. Three B They’re my parents and me. 4) What’s his name? _______ A .His name is Zhang Peng. B. He is tall and strong. 5) What colour is it? _______ A .It’s an orange. B. It’s orange. 4. Read and write (读一读,写一写)10% teacher pencil home fish desk






5. Read and choose .(根据A栏所给的问题,在B栏中找出相应的答句,把它前面的字母编号填在左边的括号里。)(10%)

( )1. What’s in your schoolbag? A. His name is Jack.

( )2. Can I have some rice , please? B. I have twenty. ( ) 3. How many hats do you have? C. Three books and two erasers. ( )4. What’s his name? D. It’s under the chair. ( )5. Where is the ball? E. Sure. Here you are.

6. Read and tick or cross.(读短文,判断下列句子的正误,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”)10%

Hello, I’m Mike. I’m a teacher. I’m tall and strong. I like music and sports. I often read story-books.

Look, this is my family photo. I have a brother. We are good friends. He is twenty-seven. He is thin. He is a driver. He likes milk very much.

1. Mike is a doctor . ( ) 2. Mike is short . ( ) 3. Mike likes science and music . ( )

4. Mike’s brother likes rice very much . ( ) 5. Mike’s brother is thirty . ( )

一、 把英语单词的汉语意思的序号写( 15分)

( )1.floor ( )2.classroom ( )3.teacher’s desk ( )4.science ( )5.door ( )6.light ( )7.board

( )8.window ( )9.quiet ( )


A、文静的 B、科学 C、窗户 D、教室 E、门 F、写字板 G、灯 H、地板 I、讲桌 J、强壮的 二、按要求写单词(15分)

1、she’s(完整形式)_________ 2、long(反义词)_______ 3、let’s(完整形式)_________ 4、strong(反义词)_______ 5、I(宾格)________ 6、he(物主代词)______ 7、her(主格)_______ 8、have(同义词)_________ 9、new(反义词)_______ 10、you’re(完整形式)_______ 三、选出不同类的单词,并将序号写在前面括号里。(10分)

( )1. A.music Bscience C.sports D.hair ( )2. A.desk B.chair C.bed D.pen

( )3. A.teacher B.classroom C.classmate D.friend ( )4. A.Chinese B.fat C.tall D.thin

( )5. A.twenty B.painting C.thiry D.fifty 四、将序号填在括号内(18分)

( )1.I have a new fried. A、他爱好科学。 ( )2.Play computer game . B、我的朋友很壮实。 ( )3.What’s his name? C、玩电脑游戏。 ( )4.My friend is strong. D、我有一个新朋友 ( )5.He likes science. E、他叫什么名字 ( )6.How mang books do you have?F、你有多少本书?


( ) 1. We a new classroom. A、 have B、 has C、 there is ( ) 2. Let clean the window.

A、 we B、 I C、 me

( ) 3. Please have a look the picture. A、 / B 、at C、 in ( )4.She_________ music.

A. like B. likes C. is

( ) 5. Where _________ my seat? A. is B. am C. are

( )6.He ______ short black hair.

A. have B. like C. has ( ) 7. Good morning, ?

A、 miss White B 、 Miss White C、 miss white ( ) 8. nice!

A、 How B、 What C、 How many ( ) 9. Can you these words? A 、spell B、 spelling C、 to spell ( ) 10. My schoolbag is heavy, . A 、to B、 two C 、too


( ) 11. ? --- 50 yuan.

A、 How many B、 What many C、 How much ( ) 12. Everything in your bag.

A、 am B、 is C 、are ( ) 13. He short black hair. A、 has B、 have C、 is ( ) 14. My friend sports. A 、like B、likes C、 to like ( ) 15. Sure. Here you . A、 am B、 are 、C is

三、从B栏中找出A栏相对应的答语,将其字母填在题前括号内。12分 A B ( ) 1. How much is it ? a. Thank you . ( ) 2. Where is my pen? b. Zhang Li is my best friend.

( ) 3. Who is he? c. 5 yuan.

( ) 4. What’s twenty plus ten? d. He is my brother. ( ) 5. Sure. Here you are. e. Thirty. ( ) 6. Who is your best friend? f. It’s in your desk. 四、 连词成句,注意标点符号。20分

1. look, Let’s ,have,go, a ,and


2. many ,I ,books, my, have ,in, schoolbag _______________________________________________ 3. do ,have, How, notebooks, many, you ______________________________________________ 4. long ,has ,My, hair, friend

_______________________________________________ 5. what’s,name, his



’m eleven years old. I have a best friend. Her name is Amy. She has long black hair. She has a round face.They are two big blue eyes, a small mouth, and a big nose on it. She is very quiet. She is thin. She likes music. I like her best. Do you make friends with Amy?

1. My name is Amy. ( ) 2. Linda comes from Canada. ( ) 3. Amy is Linda’s best friend. ( ) 4. Linda has long black hair. ( ) 5. Amy is very strong. ( ) Read and choose. 阅读并选择( 20分) ( )1. Where is my pencil-case ?

A. It’s near the book. B. This is your pencil-case. C. Yes, it

My name is Linda. I am from Canada. I四.


( )2. How many books do you have ?

A. I like bread and milk. B. I have ten books. C. I have a 五. 阅读排序( 5分)

( ) It’s red and blue. ( ) I have a new schoolbag. big room.

( )3. Who is this man ?

A. He is tall. B. He likes sports. C. He is my father. ( )4. What color is your schoolbag ?

A. I like purple. B. It’s blue. C. It’s big. ( )5. I a new friend. A. have B. has C. is ( )6. What’s in your schoolbag? A. Many books and a pencil-case. B.a heavy schoolbag. C. Yes,

it is.

( )7. Amy short. She short hair.

A. has; has B. is; has C. is; is

( )8. Wu Yifan: ______________________。Sarah: Sure, here you are.

A.May I have a look? B. Really? C. What’s in it? ( ) 9、__is she?She is Amy. A、 What B 、where C、 Who ( )10、__colour is it?

A、 What B、 Where C、 Who

( ) Really? What color is it ? ( ) Sure. Here you are. ( ) May I have a look ?


Sarah: I have a new schoolbag.Chen Jie: Really? What colour is it?

Sarah: It's black and white.Chen Jie: May I have a look? Sarah: Sure, here you are.Chen Jie: How nice! It's a panda. Look, I have a schoolbag, too. Sarah: What's in it? Chen Jie: Look! 20 story-books, 30 crayons, 12 erasers. Sarah: Wow!

( ) 1. Sarah has a new schoolbag.

( ) 2. Sarah's schoolbag is red and yellow. ( ) 3. Sarah's schoolbag is heavy. ( ) 4. Chen Jie has a schoolbag, too.

( ) 5. Chen Jie has twelve story-books, thirteen crayons, twenty erasers.

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