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PEP小学六年级英语下册第四单元检测卷 2

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听 力 部 分(共40分)


分) 1、learn learned light 2、

sing see sang


eat ate end 4、

take took toothache 5

、buy bought bay 6

、had have has 7、row rowed read 8、boat better bored 9、get got good 10、leave left little 二、听录音,按你听到的顺序给下列各图标出顺序号。 (注意:每个句子听三遍。10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 三、听对话,根据你听到的对话内容,给下列五幅图标出顺序号。(注意:对话听三遍。10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 四、听短文,给下列句子标出顺序号。(注意:短文听三遍。


th. ( )On the 5th, I went ice-skating.

( )On the first day, I went to a park with my parents.

( )For the last day of the holiday,we relaxed and prepared to go back to

work or school.

( )On the 6th, I bought presents for my friends. ( )It was a long holiday. ( )On the 3rd, I went skiing.

( )On the 4th, I did my homework.

( )We left Beijing on February 1st and got to harbin on the 2nd.

笔 试 部 分(共60分)


sing_________( ) eat ________( ) take ________( ) have _______( ) buy________( )


( )1、Did you climb a mountain last weekend? _______________________

A.I went to beijing. B.Yes, I did. C.No, I am not. ( )2、John ________ Chinese last night.

A.learned B.learn C.learns

( )3、_______did you go on your holiday? I went to Shanghai. A.Where B.What C.How

( )4、She______some presents and _________ a boat on her holiday.

A.buy;row B.buy;rowed C.bought;rowed

( )5、_______you_______back to Kunming by train? No, we didn’t.

A.do;get B.did;get C.are;getting


1、She went to Kunming on her holiday.(改为一般疑问句)

________________________________________________________________________ 2、I went to Yunnan on my holiday.(对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________________________________ 3、Did you take pictures at the park?(作肯定回答)

________________________________________________________________________ 4、I went there by plane on our holiday.(对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________________________________ 5、I ate good food yesterday.(对划线部分提问)



( )A: Where did you go on your holiday? B: I went to Anhui.

A: What did you do there?

B: I took some pictures.

( )A: What did you do on your holiday? A B B: I bought presents. ( )A: Did you row a boat? B: Yes, I did.

( )A: What did you do on your holiday?

B: I went skiing. C D

( )

A: Where did you go on your holiday? B: I went to Shangdong.

A: What did you do?

B: I climbed a mountain. E


A:Hello,John__________? A. Did you have a good time

B:I went to the Children’s center. B. where did you go last Saturday A:_________?

C. Did you take any pictures D. Do you like swimming too B:I went there by the No.8 bus. I like

E. How did you go there

swimming with my friends there.__________? A:No, but I like taking pictures_____________? B:Yes, I took some pictures. A:__________?


假如你是李明,请根据图画,写一封信给你的阿姨(aunt),向她介绍你的好朋友jim,内容包括他的国籍(the UAS)、他上学的交通方式,放学后他经常做的事情、他的爱好以及他下周末的计划。

Dear aunt,

How are you? Here are some photos of my friend jim. He is from____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Love, Liming

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