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姓名: 成绩:


( ) 1.A. young B. short C. day D. old

( ) 2.A. mother B .grandmother C. aunt D. ,red

( ) 3.A. friend B. zoo C. park D.store

( )4.A. short B. young C .sister D .tall

( ) 5.A .black B. friend C. student D. teacher 二、按要求写出相应的单词,英汉互译。(20分)

1.阿姨________ 6. jacket_______

2.国家_______ 7.speak_______

3.衣服_______ 8.north

4.更慢的 9.walk

5.车票_______ 10.glasses


( )1. _______is Bob?

A. How old B.How much C. How many D.How long

( )2.Peter is older_______Lucy.

A.and B.then C.than D.or

( )3.My grandfather has _______hair.

A.gery B.gray C.gary D.grel

( )4.She works in a school. she is a______.

A. cashier B.waitress C.teacher D.driver

( )5.My father is my grandfather’s_______.

A. uncle B.brother C.father D.son

( )6.My uncle is_______than his son.

A. older B. younger C.smaller D.shorter

( )7.What do you like _______?

A. to do B.do C.does D.did

第 2 页 共 3 页 ( )8.My hair is black,my eyes are black,_______.

A.to B.two C.too D.either ( )9.My father goes to work ______his bicycle.

A.by B.on C.to D.with

( )10. like to go______a walk.

A.to B.of C.at D.for

( )11、Uncle’s Zhi wei is my aunt’s ______ .

A sister B father C husband

( )12、He works in a store .He is a _____ .

A doctor B clerk C driver

( )13、I like to play checkers ____ my father.

A and B or C with

( )14、Your father’s mother is ___ than your father.

A younger B older C old


1. by bike A.乘公共汽车

2. go for a walk B.骑自行车

3. play checkers C.下围棋

4. watch a movie D.去散步

5.take a bus E.看电影


1、What, do, like, to, you, do


2、has, grandfather, gray, My, hair


3、they, do, go, to, How, work


4、do, do, What, they


第 3 页 共 3 页 5、am, younger, I, my, than, brother.

_________________________________________________. 六、判断句子的正误。(12分)

1、 Your mother’s husband is your father.( )

2、 your uncle’s wife is your aunt.( )

3、 Your father is your grandmother’s son.( )

4、 Your mother’s father is your grandmother.( )

5、 Your uncle and aunt’s son is your brother.( )

6、 My cousin is my mother’s brother.( )


I am Jucy.I am ten years old. My father has straight and black Hair.He is a doctor.My mother wears glasses.She is younger than my father.Her hair is curly and blond,we are the same.She is a nurse.

1、Jucy’s family has four people. ( )

2、Jucy’s mother is taller than her father. ( )

3、Jucy has curly and blond hair. ( )

4、Jucy is a nurse. ( )

5、Her father and mother wears glasses. ( )

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