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人教新版五年级上册Lesson 15

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Lesson 15

What does he do?

He’s a writer.

What does he do?

He’s a taxi driver.

What does he do?

He’s a tailor.

What does he do?

He’s an actor.

What does she do?

She’s an actress.

What do they do?



What do they do?



? 1.What’s this boy’s name?

how old is he? → How ? 2.What Class is he in? → class ? 3.What does his father do? ? What does his mother do? ? 4.Where do they work? ? 5.What does he want to be in the future? 有加分

Hello, everyone! My name is Wei Min. I'm eleven. I'm in Class Three, Grade Five. Now let me introduce my parents to 介绍 you. 父母 This is my dad and this is my mum.


Wei Min

What's your dad? He's a doctor. What's your mum ? She's a nurse.
what’s your dad ? = what does your father do?

Where do they work?
They work in Beijing Hospital.
工作 医院

What do you want to be 想 in the future?

I want to be a doctor like my dad.
That’s a good idea. 主意


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