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Listening part听力部分(40分)

一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词和或句子。(10分)

( )1、A、active B、actor C、ant

( )2、A、coffee B、chicken C、cinema

( ) 3、A、shorter B、stronger C 、spring

( )4、A、go hiking B、go shopping C 、go fishing

( )5、A、watching TV B、washing the dishes C 、writing a letter

( )6、A、took pictures B、take pictures C 、ate good food

C、What did you do there?


( )7、A、February B、September C、 August

( )8、A、tofu B、tomato C、eggplant

( ) 9、A、What time is it now?

B、What day is it today ?

C、What’s the date today?

( )10、A、Where did you go on you holiday?

B、When did you go there?

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1、 A、 B、 C、 ( )2、 A、

B、 C、 1

( ) 3、A、 B、


( ) 4、A、 B、 C、 ( ) 5、A、 B、 C、


( )1、A、It’s red . B、 It’s orange . C、It’s my blue.

( )2、A、He’s 12 years old. B、he’s 9 years old. C、he’s my brother.

( )3、A、It’s on May 1st. B、It’s on Monday. C、It’s on July 1st .

( )4、A、He’s 165cm. B、He’s 65kg. C、He’s 160cm..

( )5、He likes summer best . B、He likes spring best. C、He likes fall best.

Writing part 笔试部分(40分)


____Bb Cc ____Ee ____ Gg Hh ____ Jj ____ Ll____ Nn Oo____ Qq Rr Ss ____ Uu ____Ww Xx ____ Zz


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )



( )1、A、computer B、door C、wall D、student

( )2、A、spring B、April C、winter D、summer

( )3、A、tall B、smaller C、younger D、heavier

( )4、A、cloud B、sunny C、windy D、snowy

( )5、A、get up B 、do morning exercises C、dinner D、play sports

四、单项选择。从每小题所写的A、B、C 三个选项中,选出一个最佳答案填入提前括号内。(10分。每空1.5分)

( )1、____do you usually go to school? ----By bike.

A、How B、 what C、where

( )2、What’s the matter _____her? ---She _____a headache.

A、in ,have B、with ,has C、on ,has

( )3、I’m 3cm _____Than you. And heavier.

A、older B、heavier n C、taller

( )4、Did you ____good food yesterday?

A、ate B、eat C、eaten

( )5、My throat _____throat,My nose ______.

A、is ,hurts B、is ,hurt C、are hurts

( )6、______ is your birthday? ---My birthday is in May.

A、How B、What time C、When

( )7、What do you usually do ____Sunday? ---I usually watch TV.

A、at B、on C、in

( )8、_____are you? ---I’m 49kg.

A、How heavy B、How tall C、How many

( )9、When is the Children’s Day? ---It’s on____

A、Apr.8th B、June 1st C、Oct.1st

( ) 10、What do you often do on the weekend?


A、I read books. B、I am reading a book. C、I reads books .

( )11、____did you go on your holiday? ---I went to Xinjiang.

A、Where B、What C、Why

( )12、Which sign means “No parking ”.

A、 B、 C、

( )13、Wang Ling is a ____ .she works in a hospital.

A、teacher B、driver C、nurse

( )14、____do you like winter? ---Because I can make a snowman.

A、When B、How C、Why

( )15、Can you see the rabbits? ---_________.

A、Yes,I can. B、Yes, I can't. C、Yes, I do.


( )1、What would you like for lunch?

( )2、What are you doing?

( )3、Does she usually go to school by bike?

( )4、Can you sweep the floor?

( )5、Where is the post office?

A、It’s next to the cinema.

B、I’d like some rice and vegetables.

C、Yes ,I can.

D、I am making a birthday card for my mother.

E、No, she doesn’t. She usually goes to school on foot.

六、阅读理解。 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正误。对的写T,错的写F。(10分)

Hello, I’m a Chinese boy. My name is Ming Ming. I’m 12 years old. I’m 160cm tall and 45kg. Every morning, I go to school with my good friends Dong Dong. We usually go to school by bike. Dong Dong is 11 years old. He’s 2kg heavier than me. But I’m 3cm taller than him. We study in Nantian primary school. He likes sports. But I like reading books. We are in the same class. We often help 4

each other and learn from each other. We are really good friends.

( ) 1、Ming Ming is older than Dong Dong.

( ) 2、Dong Dong is 163cm tall.

( )3、They are go to school by bus.

( ) 4、Dong Dong is 2kg heavier than Ming Ming.

( ) 5、Ming Ming is heavier and taller than Dong Dong.


My favourite season

There are four seasons in a year.They



________.But my favourite season is summer.It's usually _______and hot in summer.But sometimes it rains.I can _______

Can you tell me?

附:听力材料 in the lake.What about your favourite season?

一、1、actor 2、cinema 3、spring4、go hiking 5、washing the dishes 6、took pictures

7、September 8、tomato 9、What day is it today ? 10、Where did you go on you holiday?

答案:B C C A B A B B B A

二、1、Where is the post office? It’s in the front of the hospital.

2、What does your sister do? She’s a nurse.

3、How many dictionaries can you see? I can see one.

4、What’s your favourite food? My favourite food is eggplant.


5、What time is it now? It’s 9 o’clock now.

答案: 3 4 1 2 5

三、1、Who’s your math teacher? Miss Liu.

2、I like winter best. Because I can make a snowman.

3、What does your sister do on the weekend? She often does he homework..

4、John often goes to school by bus.

5、Amy often has noodles for breakfast.

答案:A B A B A


Dear Amy,

How are you? I’m your new pen-pal Zhang Peng. I’m from China. I’m 12 years old. My birthday is on May 1st. I’m 165cm tall and 65kg. My favorite food is tofu. My favorite color is blue and my favorite season is summer. Because I can swim in the lake. I have many hobbies. Such as listening to music, drawing pictures and reading books. What about you? Can you tell me?


Zhang Peng

答案:C A A B A


一、Aa Dd Ff Ii Kk Mm Pp Tt Vv Yy

二、D C G F I


三、D B A A C

四、A B C B A



五、B D E C A

六、T F F T F


七、spring, fall,winter,sunny,swim 7

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