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二、给下列词组选择正确的英文单词。(20分) ( )1.怎样 A.how B.hospital ( )2.脚 A.foot B.bike ( )3.今天下午 A.this afternoon B.this evening ( )4.书店 A.please B.bookstore ( )5.西 A.south B.west ( )6.居住 A.dive B.live ( )7.读;看 A.week B.read ( )8.男演员 A.report B.actor ( )9.(男)警察 A.policeman B.cleaner ( )10.工作 A.do B.work

三、英汉互译。(10分) 1.stop ________ 2.please ________ 3.next week ________ 4.公共汽车 ________ 5.tonight ________ 四、词形变换。(4分)

(1)写出下列单词的—ing形式。(2分) 例:ride—riding

1.play______ 2.like______ (2)写出下列单词的单数形式。(2分) 例:live—lives

1.go______ 2.watch______ 六、单项选择。(20分)

( )1.What _____ your mother do ? A.do B.does ( )2.He _____ English. A.teach B.teaches ( )3.He's ______ engineer. A.a B.an

( )4.He goes to work _____ bike. A.by B.on ( )5.I like _____ stamps. A.collect B.collecting

( )6.There is a stamp show _____ Sunday . A.on B.at ( )7.I am going _____ 3o'clock. A.at B.in ( )8.It's next _____ the hospital. A.on B.to

( )9.You can go _____ the No.15 bus. A.by B.to

( )10.Usually I go to school _____ foot. A.by B.on


1._________book(漫画书) 2.post_________(明信片)

3.go________(去游泳) 4.go to the________(去看电影) 5.this_____________(今天上午)


My name is Jack, I'm going to have a busy weekend ! On Saturday . I'm going to the bookstore by subway . I'm going to buy a new CD and some story-books . Then , I'm going to go home and read the new books . On Sunday , I'm going to play football with my friends . Then , I'm going to visit my aunt .We are going to watch TV together .That will be fun . What about you ?

(1)Jack is going to have a busy weekend . ( ) (2)Jack is going to watch TV with his uncle . ( )

(3)On Sunday . Jack is going to the bookstore by bike. ( )

(4)On Saturday .Jack is going to play football with his friends。( )

(5)Jack is going to the bookstore by subway. on Saturday。 ( )

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