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We are playing games under the tree. ()4.玛丽和琳达在玩跷跷板。 Mary and Linda are on the seesaw. ()5.看!她在那儿。 Look!She is in there. 五.完型填空(15分)

My name is 1 . My2. ___ name is Joy3.____twelve.4____ school is NO.1 Middle School. I’m in 5____.6.____Li is my English teacher. Her name is Sue. She’s a7.____ .Liu yang isn’t here today. I think he is 8.____.Liu yang is my friend .I have seven9. ____at school. They are in Grade 10.____ .

( )1.A.Zhengxiao Fang B.Zheng xiao fang C.Zheng Xiao Fang D.Zheng Xiaofang ( )2.A.Chinese B.English C.Japanese D.English’s ( )3.A.Am B.I C.I’m D.Am I ( )4.A.His B.Her C.Their D.My ( )5.A.Grade One,Class One B.Class One,Grade One C.Grade one,Class one D.Class one,Grade one ( )6.A.Mr B.Mrs C.Mr D.mrs ( )7.A.Man B.boy C.woman D.girl

( )8.A.in home B.at home C.at school D.at a home ( )9.A.friend B.friend’s C.friends’ D.friends

( )10.A.and B.or C.too D.two 六.改错(10分)

1.What present should I give she?_______ 2.The flowers is quite beautiful._______ 3.May I speak with your grandmother?_______ 4.Teacher’s Day is September 10th._______ 5.I want to send a present for my mother._______ 七.补全对话,使对话通顺。(6分) A:Hello?

B:Hello!Is______(1)Peter speaking? A:No,______(2)is Lucy.

B: Is Peter ______(3)home? A:Just a_______(4).He is doing some washing. C:Hi.This is Peter.Who’s_________(5)?

B:This is Mike.I bought some delicious fruits. _______(6)you like to come to eat with me? C:Great!I’m coming soon.

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