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6A Unit 7 A 课件 (恢复)

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Unit 7
At Christmas

Christmas is on the twenty-fifth of December. It’s coming soon.

Let’s sing a song.

Look,there’s a Christmas present for me.
The class four students invite me to come to their party.

a watch
It’s my watch. It’s mine.

My comb, my comb, it’s mine.

a comb

hair + dryer = hairdryer
Your hairdryer, your hairdryer. It’s yours.
你的(东西) 你们的(东西)

a hairdryer

a mirror
Her mirror, her mirror, it’s hers.

I go shopping.Iwant to buy some presents for my friends.

? ?

a teapot
It’ s her teapot. It’s hers.

a wallet
It’s his wallet. It’s his.

skate + board = skateboard

a skateboard
It’s their skateboard. It’s theirs.

48 yuan

66 yuan

128 yuan

cat + doll




late + doctor

= ca+l+cu+la+tor

= calculator
It’s our calculator. It’s ours.
生命中最值得投资的是自己,给自己最佳的投资 是学习 15


my watch watch It’s _____. It’s mine. Teapot teapot It’ s our teapot. ours It’s___. your wallet Wallet wallet It’s _______. It’s yours. Comb comb It’s her comb. hers It’s ___. his mirror Mirror mirror It’s________. It’s his .


Possessive Pronoun
形容词性物 主代词



his her



名词性物主 代词

mine yours his hers ours theirs

名词性物主代词后不能跟名词,例如:It’s mine. 形容词性物主代词后一定要跟名词,例如:It’s my pen.

口诀:有“名”则“形” 后面有名词用形容词性物主代词 无“名”则“名” 后面没有名词用名词性物主代词

Whose present is it?

A: Whose… is it/are they?

B:It’s/They’re×××’s. It’s/They’re


Work in pairs
? ?

Whose ……is it/are they? It’s/They’re mine/ours/yours/his/hers.

A:Whose … is it?

B:It’s my / his/ her … .
It’s mine. /his /hers.

A: Whose …s are they ?

B: They’re my/ her …
They’re mine/ hers …

Do some exercises.

Please choose one! 请选择一个!

Is 1.-________ this your wallet? -No, it mine isn’t________. Whose -________ wallet is this? -Perhaps it’s Nancy’s. her -Let’s go and ask________.

2.-Today is Su Hai and Su Yang’s birthday.
whose Look,________ skateboard is it? Is it yours _______,Su Yang? mine -No,it’s not ________.It’s Su Yang’s skateboard.It’s________. hers

hers 1. This toy is_____(她的). my His 2. He’s_____(我的) friend. ______(他的) name is Petter. your 3. This is not_____(你的)pen. Yours _____(你的) is over there. his 4. These pens aren’t______(他的). mine They’re______(我的). Your ours 5. ______(你们的)desk is new, but______(我 们的) is old. .

1.Mine wallet is on the bed.


isn’t Mike’s watch , it’s her.

3.-Is this yours teapot?- No, it’s his teapot.

4.-Whose comb is it? -It’s our. our改为ours

1. Let ______ (we) go and join _______ (they). us them her hers 2. Is that ______ (her) bike? Yes, it's _____ (her). my 3. This is _____ (I) wallet, not _____ (he). his yours 4. Whose (who) mirror is it? Is it _____ (your)? ______ No, it's not ______ (I). I think it is _____ (she) mine her mirror. It's _____ (she). hers us 5. Miss White asks ______ (we) to sing the song. _____ (we) must follow _____ (she). We her

Homwork 一、抄写B部分单词四遍,中文 一遍。 二、用自己身边的物品来写三 组对话。

知识拓展: A story about Christmas.

It is a beautiful Christmas Day.

But Santa is ill. He’s worrying about the children’s presents.

Suddenly he hears a noise from outside.‘ Oh, my dear!’ Many children are on the sleds.

‘Dear Santa, here’s a present for you.’ A child says to Santa.

There are puzzles, cakes, toys and even a Christmas tree.

‘Dear Santa, which present do you like best?’ A little girl asks.

‘His, hers, yours and yours, each present from you is the best.’ Santa says with a smile.

‘But the best of all is the love and kindness you show me today.’

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