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unit1 笔记

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Unit 1 Public signs


1. No smoking(禁止吸烟)/ smoke(吸烟)

2. No littering(禁止乱丢杂物)/ litter(乱丢杂物)

3. No parking(禁止停车)/ park(停车)

4. Do not touch(禁止触摸)

5. Danger(危险)

6. No eating or drinking(禁止吃喝)

7. Keep off the grass(不接近草坪)/ keep off(不接近)

8. Be quiet / keep quiet(保持安静)

9. his cousin(他的表弟)

10. only four years old(仅仅只有四岁)

11. a lot of questions(许多问题)

12. some public signs(一些公共标志)

13. ask ? some questions(问?一些问题)

14. mean different things(表示不同的意思)

15. stay away from ?(远离?)

16. walk on the grass(在草地上行走)

17. the sign on the bird’s cage(鸟笼上的标志)

18. make noise(发出吵闹声)

19. know a lot about public signs(关于公共标志懂得很多)

20. near the bird’s cage(在鸟笼附近)

21. take a walk(散步)

22. see something(看见某物)

23. a ten-yuan note(一张十元纸币)

24. look around(环顾四周)

25. walk to the note(走向那张纸币)

26. pick up ?(捡起?)/ pick it up(捡起它)

27. a park keeper(一位公园看守者)

28. come up to?(向?走上前来)

29. point to a sign(指向一个标志)

30. say to ?(对?说)

31. Can’t you see ??(你没看见?吗?)

32. fine ¥10(罚款10元)

33. shouldn’t =should not(不应该)/ should(应该)

always总是 must必须 suddenly突然地 nearby附近的 quickly


1. What does this sign /that sign /it mean?

It means you/we shouldn’t /should /must ? 快地

2. Can I ? ?

No, you can’t. You should ? now.


1. mean的用法。

What does it mean ?It means ?

They mean different things.

2. 情态动词must /should /shouldn’t /can的后面要跟动词原形。

如:It means you shouldn’t touch it.

3. No的后面要跟动名词。如:No cycling(禁止骑车).

4. interesting是形容词,作表语时前面要用be动词。

5. always(总是),应用在一般现在时的句子中。同类词还有usually, often, sometimes.

6. pick up的用法。

捡起某物:pick up ? 如:pick up her camera(捡起她的照相机)

捡起它(们):pick it/them up(代词应放中间)

7. 介词的固定搭配。 in the park look at as a model

on the wall on the Internet walk to

stay away from learn more about come up to

on the grass at Jinling zoo point to

on/near the bird’s cage talk about say to

know a lot about in the zoo play ? with ?


“No smoking”——It means you shouldn’t smoke here.

“No littering”——It means you shouldn’t litter things here.

“No parking”——It means you shouldn’t park here.

“Do not touch”——It means you shouldn’t touch it.

“Danger”——It means you must stay away from here.

“No eating or drinking”——It means you shouldn’t eat or drink here. “Keep off the grass”——It means you shouldn’t walk on the grass. It means you should keep off the grass.

“Be quiet”——It means you shouldn’t make noise here.

It means you should keep quiet here.

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