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四 年级 英语 试题

一、 选出不同类的单词,并将序号写在前面括号中 10分

A.No. B. Sure.

( )1. Where is my pencil-case ?

A. It’s near the book. B. It is 20. C.Yes, it is. 1、( ) A. music B. science C. sports D. long hair 2、( ) A. desk B. chair C. bed D. pen 3、( ) A. teacher B. classroom C. classmate D. friend 4、( ) A. Chinese B. fat C. tall D. thin 5、( ) A. twenty B. painting C. thirty D. fifty

二、看图并写出单词. ( 10分)


I have a new

2.This is my

3.This is my

4.Mike is a


My is very heavy.

二、选择最佳答句,将其序号填在横线上 10分

( )1. Let’s sweep the floor. ----________.

A. Good idea! B. Good job!

( )2. What’s her name? ----__________. A. His name is Jo hn. B.Her name is Amy. ( )3. I have a good friend. ____ is a boy.

A .She B. He

( ) 4. How many books can you see? __________ .

A. I have 12. B. I can see 20.

( ) 5. --- May I have a look ? --- __________.

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( )2. Who is this man ?

B. He is tall. B. He likes sports. C. He is my father. ( )3. I a new friend. A. have B. has C. Is

( )4.__________ in it? 20 story-books. A. What’s B. How C. When ( )5. My friend John sports. A. has B. like C. likes ( )1.当你表扬别人做的好时,你说_____. A. Good idea B. Good job ( ) 2.当你想知道座位在哪里,应说____.

A. Where’s my seat B. What’s in the desk ( )3.当你要问一个男孩叫什么名字,应该说________. A. What’s her name ? B. What’s his name? ( )4.你告诉别人你的朋友长得很高,很文静,应该说_____ A. My friend is tall and quiet B. I’m tall and I’m quiet ( ) 5.当你告诉妈妈你有一个心朋友时应该说______

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A. I have a new friend B. I have a new photo


A栏 B栏 ( )1. What’s your name? A. He’s John. ( )2. How old are you? B. His name is Mike. ( )3. How many friends do you have? C. 2 pencils and 5 books. ( )4. What’s in your schoolbag? D. I have 4. ( )5. What color is your pen? E. Sure, here you are. ( )6. What’ s his name? F. I’m nine. ( )7. May I have a look? G. I’m fine. ( )8. Bye. H. See you.

( )9. Who’s he? I. My name is Zhang Peng. ( )10. How are you? J. Black.


1. I (have/has) a friend. 2. She 3. How many (book/books) do you have? 4. This is my 5. He has big (eyes/eye). 6. Let (me/I) clean the desks.

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7. My schoolbag 8. This is ’s) photo. 9. I (I/he) do.

十.阅读短文,判断对错,对的打“√”错的打“ ×” (10


Hello! This is the photo of my family. It’s on the wall. Look! This is my grandpa and grandma . They are farmers. My father is here. He’s a doctor. He’s strong. My mother is a teacher. She’s thin. Oh, this is my sister. She’s quiet. She’s 10. She’s a good student. Who is he? Guess! Yes, it’s me. I like music and books.

1. I am a girl. ( ) 2. My father is tall and strong. ( ) 3. My sister is a teacher. ( ) 4. I like reading books and listening

to the music. ( ) 5. There are 5 members in my family. ( )

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一、1.A 2B 3A 4A 5B 6A 7C 8C 9A 10C 二、1.A 2B 3A 4A 5A 三、AAABB 四 五 题省略

六、1.pencil 2.book 3.ruler 4.boy 5.schoolbag 七、ACAAC 八、BABAA

九、1J 2A 3B 4E 5C 6D 7I 8F 9G 10H 十、1.×2.× 3. √ 4.× 5.×

四年级 期中测试题共 4 页,第3 页

四年级期中测试题共 4 页,第4 页

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