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Passage1 (10分)

Father: How many letters are there in the English Alphabet?

Son: I don’t know.

Father: You don’t know? You are in the school for one year and you don’t know how many letters there are in the Alphabet?

Son: No. But let me ask you a question, Dad. You often go to the post office, please tell me how many letters there are in the post office?

快速判断:(对的“T”错的“F” )

1. There are twenty-six letters in the English Alphabet. ( )

2. The son doesn’t study English well. ( )

3. The son can’t answer his father’s question. ( )

4. The father works in the post office. ( )

5. There are twenty-six letters in the post office. ( )


A fox is looking for food. He is very hungry. Now he is stopping up. He sees a lot of fine grapes at the top of the wall.

“How nice they are! I want to eat them.” The fox jumps and jumps, but the wall is too high. He can’t get the grapes. The fox does away and says, “ I don’t like those grapes. They are not good to eat.”

快速判断:(对的“T”错的“F” )

1. Many foxes are looking for food. ( )

2. The fox is playing near the wall. ( )

3. There are many nice grapes at the top of the wall. ( )

4. The fox doesn’t like those grapes. ( )

5. The fox goes away because the grapes are not good to eat. ( )


( .

A: grapes B: fruits C: food

( ) 2. The fox wants to eat them, so he .

A: runs and runs B: jumps and jumps C: goes away


A: high B: low C: far

( ) 4: The fox goes away because .

A: the grapes are not good B: he can’t get them C: he isn’t hungry

( ) 5. The fox is very .

A: hungry B: happy C: full


My name is Gao Ping. My English teacher is Julia. She is from England. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter is Betty. Her son is Dick. Julia and her daughter are in China, but her husband Paul Smith is in England. Her son is in America. Paul is a policeman. Dick is a college student. Betty and I are in the same school. We are classmates, and we are good friends. I teach her Chinese and she teaches me English.

( .

A. teachers B. students C. parents

( is my good friend.

A. father B. mother C. sister

( .

A. sisters and brothers B. sister and brother C. sister and brothers

( A. teacher B. policeman C. worker

( in China.

A. teacher B. worker C.housewife


Li Ying likes English very much. She works hard( 学习努力). She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.

Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.

快速判断:(对的“T”错的“F” )

( ) 1. Li Ying likes English.

( ) 2. She watches TV every evening.

( ) 3. She reads Chinese every morning.

( ) 4. All the teachers like her.

( ) 5. Li Ying is good at dancing.


1. Can Li Ying speak English?

2. Does Li Ying like drawing and singing?

3. What does she do on Saturday evening?

4. Does Li Ying often listen to the radio?

5. Does Li Ying work hard?


We have a small library at school. In front of the library, there is an old tree. The library

opens at 8o’clock in the morning and it closes at 5:30 in the afternoon. Usually , many students

come early and wait for the library to open.

When we get into the library, we can see many pictures on the front wall. They are all

pictures of great people in the world. Turn right and you can go to the reading room. There are

some books and magazines in the reading room. You can read them here, but you cannot take them

out. You can not speak loudly. You must keep quiet. Turn left and you can get to another room.

There are many books in this room. You can borrow two books at a time and take them away to

read at home.

I like our library very much. I often go there to read books.


1.Is the library big?

2.What is on the front wall?

3.Where is the reading room?

4.Which room can we borrow books, the right room or the left room?

5.How many books can we borrow at a time?



red, yellow, blue. I kites much. But I can’t fly very me my brother’s help , now I can fly( )1.A. is

B. are

C. has C. sky

D. have D. wall D. flies D. as D. high D. fly D. ask D. with D. After D. them

( )2.A. the house ( )3.A. fly ( )4.A. very ( )5.A. good ( )6.A. them

B. my home B. to fly B. so

C. flying C. too

B. nice B. it

C. well C. this C. let

( )7.A. helps ( )8.A. and

B. help B. take B. With B. it

C. carry C. For

( )9.A. Under ( )10.A. kite

C. kites


Li li, look the picture. It’s picture of our classroom. In the picture, you can see some desks chairs. the blackboard, you can see two black and white cats. A map is Beijing. Under the girl in the hat is my good friend Kate. She is a new student. She is English girl. She looks . ( )1.A. in ( )2.A.a ( )3.A.or ( )4.A. In ( )5.A.at ( )6.A. of

B. at B. an B. but B. Of B. in B. on

C. to C. the C. and C. At

D. on D./ D. there D. On D. behind D. for D. of teacher D. a D. the same

C. under C. in

( )7.A. teacher ( )8.A. / ( )9.A.at

B. teacher’s C. teachers’ B. the

C. an C. like

B. after B. girls

( )10.A. boys C. twins D. students

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