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五年级上学期英语期中测试题 (1)

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一、 选出画线部分读音与其他两项不同的单词。

( )1.A.hear B.bear C.dear ( ) 2.A.want B.bag C.back ( ) 3.A.dog B.box C.mother ( ) 4.A.duck B.cute C.hurry ( ) 5.A.argue B.warm C.postcard


( )1.A.yours B.me C.mine D.hers

( ) 2.A.whose B.where C.when D.enough

( ) 3.A.careful B.give C.wear D.argue

( ) 4.A.juice B.wonderful C.good D.beautiful

( ) 5.A.banana B.bottle C.apple D.pear


1.finish ___________ 2.bottle____________

3.明信片___________ 4.小时_____________

5.argue_____________ 6.matter____________

7.上周日____________ 8.the first thing_________

9.在绳子上___________ 10.at the weekend__________

11.分发______________ 12.去超市_______________

13.make a list__________ 14.拍照_________________

15.what about___________


1.bought (原形)_____________ 2.those (对应词)___________

3. kilo (复数)_______________ 4.take (过去式)___________

5.children (单数)_____________ 6.did (否定式)____________

7.her (名词性物主代词)________ 8.Amy(所有格)___________

9.how many (同义词组)_________ 10.swim (ing形式)_______


( )1.What did you do ______ the weekend?

A. at B. in C. for

( ) 2. Do you live______ Beijing?

A. at B. in C. on

( )3. How many______do you want?

A. rice B. apples C. water

( )4. How_____ milk do you want?

A. much B.enough C.many

( )5.----_____ did you go? ---- We went there by bus.

A. When B. How C.Where

( )6.This skirt is red,It’s yours. __________is yellow.

A.Me B.Your C.Mine

( )7.What’s the __________?

A.matter B.weather C.like

( )8.We’ve got enough __________everyone.

A.in B.for C.of

( )9.They took photos __________ the mountains.

A.of B.in C.for

( )10.This sweater is __________ .

A.I B.mine C.my

( )11.This is my pencil. That’s __________.

A.me B.your C.yours

( )12.There are __________apples in my bag.

A.too much B.an C.too many

( )13.We’re going home now, John. Come _____ us.

A. on B. at C. with

( )14.I _____ back from Beijing last week.

A. come B. comed C. came

( )15.He likes English __________.

A. good B. better C. best


1. Where did you __________(go) last Saturday?

2. I __________(send) you a present yesterday.

3. Let’s __________(go) to the supermarket.

4. Look at the books on the desk.Please give _____(they) to me.

5. There are many _____(T-shirt) on the line.


It was Saturday yesterday. It was nice. There were a lot of people in the park. Some girls sang and some boys jumped under the tree. An old man listened to the radio. A young man played the flute near the lake. There weren’t any boats on the lake. Some people swam in the lake.


( )1. What’s the weather like yesterday?

A. It was bad. B.It was nice. C It was rainy.

( )2. There were _____ people in the park.

A. some B. a lot of C. much

( )3. A young man _____ near the lake.

A. sang under the tree

B. to the radio

C. listened played the flute

( )4. There were _____ boats on the lake.

A. One. B.no C.many

( )5. _____ swam in the lake.

A. Some boys

B. Some girls

C. Some people


请以At the Weekend 为题写一篇小作文,根据提示语,可适当发挥。 要求:条理清楚,语法正确,书写规范,不少于40个单词。


Where did you go at the weekend ?

When did you go ?

How did you go ?

What did you do ?

At the Weekend



一、每个2分,共10分。B A C B B

二、每个1分,共5分。B D A A B


1..吃完 2.瓶 3. postcard 4.hour 5.争吵

6.麻烦事,困难 7.last Sunday

8.第一件物品 9.on the line 10.在周末

11.give out 12.go to the supermarket

13.列清单 14.take photos/pictures

15. …怎么样


1.buy 2.these 3.kilos 4.took 5.child

6.didn’t 7.hers 8.Amy’s 9.how much 10.swimming


1-5 ABBAB 6-10 CABAB


1. go 2.sent 3.go 4.them 5.T-shirts



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