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( ( ( (

)2. A. They are so small. B. They are your baby shoes. )3. A. Yes, it is. B. No, they aren't. )4. A. They are Zhang Peng's.B. They are blue. )5. A. Thank you. B. Sure. Here you are. 笔试部分

Class:________ Name:________



( )1. A. shirt

B. skirt C. jacket

( )2. A. blue B. brown C. black ( )3. A. socks B. shoes C. shorts ( )4. A. jeans B. pants C. dress ( )5. A. whose B. those C. these

一、根一据图意,把句子补充完整。(10分) 1、A: B:No, .

2、I like the (黄色)

3、It's 9:00. It’s time for class. 4、A: Where is my ? B: It is on the desk.

5、Amy’s is (红色). 二、火眼金睛辨不同(5分)

( )1. A. red B. brown C. baby D. black ( )2. A. sweater B. blue C.T-shirt D. socks

( )3. A. shirts B. Shorts C. pants D. jeans ( )4. A. my B. Friend C. your D. his ( )5. A. where B. whose C. colour D. what


( )1. A.Is this your jacket? ( )3. A.Where are my socks?

B. Is this your skirt? B. Where are my shoes?

( )2. A.I like the white sweater. B. I like the white T - shirt. ( )4. A.This is my dress. It's pink.

B. This is my dress. It's purple.

( )5. A.Our neighbour has a new baby! B.These are your baby pants.


1、 2、 3、 4、 5、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. — ___ is your dress? —It's blue.

A. Where B. Whose colour ( )2. — ___ jacket is this? —It's Amy's.

A. Whose B. What C. Who ( )3. Please pass _ my shoes.

A. I B. me C. we ( )4. Where _____ my socks?

A. is B. am C. are

( )5. I have a big cake __ my sister's birthday.

A. for

B. to

C. at C. They C. What




)1. A. It s red and blue.

B. It's on the bed.

( )6. —What are these? —______ are my shoes.

A. That B. This

( )7. Look!These my blue jeans.

A. be

B. is

C. are

( )8. Red,gray,brown,green,blue and white. Oh,so many !

A. color B. colours C. Colour

( )9. --Is this your shirt?-- . A.Yes,it is B. Yes,it isn’t C. No,it isn’t

( )10. I like the white sweater the purple skirt.


B. with

C. for


( )1.妈妈让Tom把衣服收好,她会说:

A Put away your clothes,Tom. B Put on your clothes,Tom.

( )2.Sarah想知道妈妈给她新买的连衣裙是什么颜色,她会问: A What colour is my skirt? B What colour is my new dress? ( )3.你想让姐姐把你的那件短裙递给你,你应该说:

A Please pass me my skirt. B Please pass me my shirt. ( )4.你告诉同学们你新买的T恤是红色的,你会说: A It’s red. B It’s yellow. ( )5.別人说了一件事,你不大相信,会说: A OK. B Really?



)1. What are they?

A. It's yellow. ( )2. Is this your jacket?

B. They are pants. ( )3. What colour is your T-shirt? C. Certainly. ( )4. Whose is this?

D. Yes, it is.


)5. Can I use your T-shirt?

E. It's your baby brother's.六、送单词宝宝回家(10分)

dress red socks yellow sweater

jeans jacket green white purple

衣服 颜色



is that sweater your?

2.What is colour it ?

3. is where my dress?

4.are blue these shorts .

5. socks are white my .


These are Lingling' s clothes. The cap is yellow, the T - shirt is pink,the skirt is white and the shoes are purple.Those are John's clothes.

The shirt is green,the pants are blue,and the shoes are black. ( )1. What colour is Lingling's cap?

A. It's purple. B. It's yellow.

C. It's pink.

( )2. Lingling's skirt is ____ .

A. white B. pink

C. yellow ( ) 3. John' s shirt is ___ .

A. green B. blue

C. black ( )4. John's pants are ______ .

A. yellow B. white

C. blue ( )5. John's shoes are _______.

A. black

B. green

C. yellow

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