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四年级上册Unit 4 My home A、Let’s learn

南排小学 程老师

一、 教学目标

1、能在情景中运用句型Where’s Amy?Is she in the study? Yes,sheis.进行询问并作出回答.


living room,kitchen,bathroom.

3、 能够听懂Let’s do部分的内容并作出相应的动作。



(1)Let’s do (P5)

(2)Free talk: What’s in your classroom?


Let’s learn

(1) learn the word: bedroom

T: Amy has a new house. Look, this is Amy’s home. Where’s Amy? Let’s go and see.


T: Look at this room. It has a bed. It’s the bedroom.学生学习该单词,e/e/red,bedroom.Where’s Amy? Is she in the bedroom? No,she isn’t.师生问答。T: What’s in the bedroom?

A Teddy Bear,a red,red Teddy Bear.(chant)学生学唱。T:What can

he do in the bedroom? Have a nap.(老师肢体语言演示) Go to the bedroom. Have a nap.学生跟学,师生边说边做动作。

(2)Learn the word:study.

T: Amy is not in the bedroom. Where’s Amy?Is she in the study?学生跟学该单词。u/ ?/,duck,study.T: Where’s Amy?Is she in the study?Ss:Yes,she is.引导学生用句型句型进行问答。T:What’s in the study? A duck,a lovely,lovely duck.(chant) 其他单词的教学方法与之相同。

(3)Let’s chant

What’s in the bedroom? A Teddy Bear,a red,red Teddy Bear. What’s in the study? A duck,a lovely,lovely duck. What’s in the living room? A pig,a little,little pig. What’s in the kitchen? A fridge,a big,big fridge.

What’s in the bathroom? A glass,a glass,my father’s glass. (如果时间充足,师生还可以根据歌谣的内容进行问答:Where’s the pig? Is it in the living room?Yes, it is.)

(4)Look and say(Work in groups.)

S1:Do the action.(watch TV)Ss: Say out the word.(living room)

(5)Listen ,show and say.

T:Study. Ss:Show the word card and say it out.

Let’s do

Listen and do.

3、Task time


4、Homework. FOR RENT 2 s (beds) 1 (TV) 1 (computer) 2 s 1 (fridge)

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