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四年级英语月考试卷 班级___________ 姓名____________


居住 大街

超市 在.......旁边

电影院 这些

house child的复数 station number的缩写二.连线。10分

excuse me 十分,非常 so much 照相

take pictures 听

listen to 和......交谈 talk to 对不起,打扰一下get on 下国际象棋 lots of 豆浆 dragon boat 龙舟 play chess 上(车) soya milk 许多


A.at B.to C.on D.up E.with F.in

1.It’s next a supermarket 2. The train is the hill. 3.Go straight ,please. 4.The bus is the station.

5.He’s playing a toy train.


( )1.This is friend.

A.I B.my C.me ( )2.He playing basketball.

A.like B.likes to C.likes ( )3.Look these pictures.

A.on B. at C.in ( )4.I am a book.

A.reads B.read C.reading ( )5. He is talking his mother.

A.to B.at C.with

( )6.—— are you, Tom?

——I’m on your left.

A.What B.How C.Where

( ) 7. I live Park Street.

A.in B.on C.at

( ) is No.2 Park Street, please?

A.Sorry B. Excuse me C.Thank you

( ) 9.——Thank you so much!

—— A. I’m fine B. You are welcome C.Excuse

( ) 10.They’re soya milk

A.drinking B.drink C.drinks.

( )11.What they doing?

A. are B. am C.is

( )12.He is pictures

A.taking B.takes C.takeing

( )13.We can see things.

A.lot of B. lots of C.a lots of

( )14.——What Tom doing?

——He a book?

A. is;is look B.is;is reading C.are;are reading

( )15.They’re listening music.

A.with B. on C.to me

( )16.Let’s on the bus.

A.getting B.get C.gets

( )17.Look at the people the park.

A.on B.to C.in

( )18.They are rowing dragon boat.

A.a B./ C.an

( )19.——What’s doing?

——She ‘s playing with a toy train .

A.Lulu B.the elephant C.you

( )20.He’s reading a book A.with B.play C.about


( )1.你想询问她正在干什么,你应说:

A.What are you doing?

B.Where are you?

C.What is she going?

( )2.小明给你打电话问你在干什么,而你正在看电视,应说:

A.I’m listening to music.

B.I’m reading a book.

C.I’m watching TV.

( )3.小明想让你去踢足球,而你正在做家庭作业,你应说:

A.I’m playing football.

B.I’m doing my homework.

C.I’m swimming.

( )4.当你发现你迷路了,你应说:

A.My lost B.I lost C.I’m lost

( )5.你向别人问路说电影院在哪里,你应说:

A. Where is the supermarket?

B.Where is the cinema?

C.Where is the school?


( )1.They music.


( )2.What the A B C

( A B C

( a


( )5.I’m your . A B C


1.Look at the men between the big

2.What are they

3.They’re listening to

4.Let’s get on the

5.It’s twelve now. 6.她正在拍照。

7.汤姆正在干什么? 8.This is my little brother. 9.She is watching TV. 10.We like running.

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