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Unit3- B

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人教PEP小学六年级 下学期

Unit 3 Last weekend



1. 四会词语的听、说、读、写。 2. 学生听、说、读、写句型: Did you read books? Yes, I did./No, I didn’t. 3. 理解并会朗读Let’s read部分的短文。 教学难点 1. 掌握不规则动词的过去式。

2. 正确使用动词的原形和过去式形式。
3. 一些新语言的认读,如: We read funny

tongue twisters together.


do homework

did homework



go to the park

went to the park

go swimming went swimming

read a book read a book

go fishing

went fishing

go hiking went hiking

点 拨 : 常见的不规则动词过去式
am/is --- was
swim --- swam

go --- went
fly --- flew

say --- said
take --- took get --- got

see --- saw
come --- came draw --- drew

1. 用下列动词的正确形式填空。 was (1)She___ ( is ) very busy last night. (2) You were (are) at Xiaoming’s birthday __ party yesterday, weren’t you? flew (3) Amy____ ( fly) to Beijing with her parents last weekend. saw (4) John ___ (see) a beautiful bird in the tree when he went (go) to school ___ yesterday.




1.What did John do yesterday? He __________________. went to a park 2.What did Chen Jie do yesterday? She ________________. read a book 3.What ____ Amy do yesterday? She did _____________________. went fishing 4.What ____ Liu Yun ___ yesterday? She did do __________________. went hiking

Listen and circle





Teacher: What did you do yesterday?
Mike: I went fishing.

Teacher: Did you read books?
Mike: Yes, I did. Teacher: Did you clean your room? Mike: No, I didn’t.

Practice with your partner.

Today was a fun day. I walked to Mike’s home in the morning. I studied English with him. We read funny tongue twisters together.

Then I went to a park by bike. I flew kites. It was a windy day. Suddenly my kite flew into the lake.

A dog saw the kite.
He jumped into the lake and swam to it. Five minutes later, he returned the kite to me. I was very grateful to him.

Listen to the tape again and answer the questions:

What did they do in Mike’s home?

What was the weather like that day?
Who jumped into the lake?

Finish the sentences.
(1) I _____________ to Mike’s home. walked

(2) I _________________ by bike. went to a park (3) I was very grateful to the________. dog

studied (4)I _____________ English with Mike.

Number the sentences.
(2 ) I

went to a park.

( 3 ) I flew kites.
( 1 ) I went to Mike’s home.

( 5 ) The dog jumped into the lake.
( 6 ) He swam to the kite. (4 ) The kite flew into the lake.

(7 ) He returned the kite to me.

点 拨 : 一般过去时的构成
动词 肯定式 否定式
I was not (wasn’t)…. I was…. He (She, It) was not (wasn’t)…. He (She, It) was…. We (Yo

u, They) were…. We (You, They) were not (weren’t)….



I (You, He, She, It, I (You, He, She, It, We, We, You, They) You, They) did did not (didn’t) ....

go next cooked was in cleaned on last goes tired visited washed with


My mother was busy last weekend. visited She______ my grandma Saturday morning. They________ noodles cooked washed together. In the evening, she______ the clothes. She often goes to the park, but she _______my bedroom last cleaned Sunday.

go next cooked was in cleaned on last goes tired visited washed with

In the afternoon, she went shopping. She watched TV in the evening.She was very tired last weekend. So I’ll help my mother do housework next weekend.

A: 2 ? B:I went hiking yesterday. A: 4 ? B:Amy is happy. A: 1 ? B:Yes, she watched TV last night. A:______________? 3 B:No, I went fishing last Friday. A: 5 ? B:Yes, I am going to the park tomorrow.
1. Did she watch TV last night? 2. What did you do yesterday? 3. Did you go hiking last Friday? 4. How does Amy feel? 5. Are you going to the park tomorrow?

clean the room watch TV wash clothes

cleaned the room watched TV

go to a park

went to a park

went go swimming swimming go hiking went hiking

washed clothes played play football football

read books

read books

visited visited go fishing grandparents grandparents

went fishing


A: I watch TV in the evening. B: I watched TV yesterday morning.


What did you do last Monday? What did you do last weekend? What did you do last night? What did you do yesterday?

Last Monday I played the piano. Last weekend I went shopping. Last night I watched TV. Yesterday I cleaned the room.


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