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人教PEP小学六年级 下学期

Unit 3 Last weekend



1. 能够听、说、认、读句型:What did you do last weekend? I visited my grandparents. 并能够对其中的动词短语进行替换。 2. 掌握Let’s learn部分动词短语的过去式以及就 过去时间所做的事情进行简单问答。

1. 动词过去式的拼写及发音。 2. 重点句子What did you do last weekend? 的准确运用。

Did you go to the park? Yes, I went to the park. Did you go at night? Yes, I went at night. Did you see the full moon? Yes, I saw the full moon. Did you go last night? No, I went in June.


watch TV

watched TV



clean the room

cleaned the room

visit grandparents

visited grandparents

play football

played football


Grammar 语法

一般过去时态 The Simple Past Tense
一般过去时表示过去某个时间发生 的动作或存在的状态,常和表示过去的 时间状语连用,如: yesterday, last weekend, last Sunday等。也表示过去经 常或反复发生的动作,常和often, always 等表示频度的时间状语连用。例如: I visited my grandparents last weekend.

I always went swimming in summer.

构成规则 一般在动词原形末 动 尾加-ed 词 过 去 词尾是e的动词加 式 -d 变 末尾只有一个辅 化 音字母的重度闭音 规 节,先双写这个辅 则 音字母,再加-ed 一 结尾是“辅音字 览 母+y”的动词,变 表 “y”为“i”, 再加-

原形 look play live hope stop plan

过去式 looked played lived hoped stopped planned

study worry

studied worried

读 音
在浊辅音和 元音后面 在轻辅音后 面
/d/ /t/

played /d/ cleaned/d/ washed/t/ cooked/t/ visited/?d/ wanted /?d/

在/t/, /d/音后 面 /?d/

watch listen visit watched clean cleaned listened play played visited wash washed

1.Wu Yifan___________(visit) his grandma visited last weekend. 2. I _________ (clean) my room yesterday. cleaned
played 3. I _________(play) football last Sunday. washed 4. My mother _________ (wash) her clothes on Sunday.

Listen and circle:





What did you do last weekend?

I visited my grandparent s.

What did Zoom do last weekend?
He _______________.

watched TV

请你仔细地观察 图,大声的说一说 吧!

did homework

watered his flowers

John: What did you do last weekend? Wu: I played football. How about you? John: I visited my grandparents.

Wu: Did you help them clean their room?
John: Yes, I did.

Look and write:
A: What did you do last weekend?
B: I _________________. watched TV

A: What did you do last weekend? B: I _________________. cleaned the room

A: What did you do last weekend? B:I___________________ . visited my grandparents A: What did you do last weekend? B: I _________________. played football

仔细看一看 图中

的小朋 友们在上个 周末都干什 么呢?


What did they do last weekend?
(1)Tom____________________________ visited his grandparents.
Kate_______________________last washed her clothes weekend.

played football (2) Tony __________________. He had lots of
fun. (3) Chen Gang _______________ watched TV

on Saturday.


Wu Yifan was busy last weekend. He visited his grandmother Saturday morning. It was his grandmother’s birthday. They cooked noodles together. In the evening, they watched TV. Sunday morning, Wu Yifan played football with his friends. In the afternoon, he washed clothes and cleaned his room.

He visited his grandmother Saturday morning.


注释:该句中的saturday morning 前省
略了介词on, 我们以前学过,表示具体 的某一天前要用介词on, 不具体的前面 用in, 但有时可以省去。

例:She went shopping (on) Sunday afternoon.

Finish the sentences:
(1)Wu Yifan________ his visited grandmother Saturday morning.
(2)Sunday morning, played football he_______________with his friends. washed clothes (3)He ______________ and ______________ Sunday cleaned his room afternoon.

Ask and answer:
A: What did Wu Yifan do last weekend?

B: He went to a park.

Practice the dialogue with your partner.



1.watch 4. go 7. do 10. return

2. wash 5. play 8. cook 11. fly

3. clean 6. visit 9. read 12. swim

例: 1. I watched TV last night. 2. She.... ....


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