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礼贤小学英语教案(Unit One Hello)

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江海区礼贤小学 设计者:陈秋秀 指导者:刘雪梅

Unit One Hello!


1. Language functions:

Greeting and farewells.

2. Language structures:

What's your name? I’m ...

3. New vocabulary:

hello, hi , goodbye, bye , apple , banana, cat


Conversation Vocabulary Review Practice Activity Song Sounds and words


Ask someone’s name and answer.

四、教学难点 :

What’s your name? I’m...

五、教学课时: three periods

The First Period


1、掌握句型:What's your name? I’m ...


教学重点: 能听、说、认读单词hello, hi , goodbye, bye。


教法:直观教学法 、情景教学法 。




Step 1.Greeting.

Step 2.Sing the song “Good morning to you.”

Ask one of the students to come out to sing.

Step 3.The teacher say like this:

T: Hi,I’m Miss Chen.

S: Hi,I’m Tom. T: Hi,... Now, it’s your turn.

Step 4.The teacher walks among pupils and demonstrates.

T: Hi,I’m Miss Chen. S: Hi, I’m Kate. (The teacher may help .)

Step 5.Open the books and listen to the recordings. First, pupils listen to the recorder silently. Then read the dialogue after the recorder. Later on, practice in pairs and groups.

Step 6.Ask one student out or just let him stay behind his desk.

T:Hi,I’m Miss Chen. What’s your name? S:I’m Tony.

Step7.Read the sentences after the teacher several times. And ask the pupils to guess the Chinese meanings.

Step 8.Conversation: Listen to the recorder. Read after the tape.

Activity: Group 1,2 act Gogo, group 3,4 act Tony read the conversation together.

Step9.Learn the vocabulary. Write down the words on the blackboard: hello, hi, goodbye, bye.

Step 10.Listen to the tape and read the target together.

Step 11.Consolidation.

Step 12.Summary.

Step 13.Homework:

1. Read the text more than 5 times.

2. Prepare a greeting Performance in pairs for the next period.


Unit 1 Hello!

Hello, I’m Gogo.

What’s your name?

I’m Tony.

hello hi goodbye bye

The Second Period

教学目标:熟练掌握句型What’s your name? I’m …

教学重点:熟练掌握句型What’s your name? I’m …

教学难点:熟练运用句型What’s your name? I’m …





Step 1.Review hello, hi, goodbye, bye

Step2.Listen to the tape and do the practice 1.2

Step3.Show two words I and I’m. T: I’m Miss Chen. I am Miss Chen.

S:I am Zhang Fang. T: I am Miss Chen.( Writing on the board .I and I am ).

T: I am Miss Chen. S:I am Man Hong. I am Chen Tian. I am Mei Qi.

The class read the sentences after the teacher.

Step 4.Holding up the names.

T: I am Zhang Dong. I am Miss Chen.

I’m Cheng Hong. I’m Zhang Gang.

S: I’m ...I am ...

1. Take away the names.

T: I am Miss Chen.

Courage him \ her to say. I am Tom. I am Kate. I am Cheng Hong.

Let them to say one by one.

2. Showing the action and say slowly with emphasis.

T: Hello, I am Miss Chen.

Write down the sentences on the blackboard.

Ask the pupils to read after the teacher with emphasis on the word“Hello”.

Step 5.Showing action and say.

T: Now open your books, please.

Ask the pupils to read, playing attention to the pronunciation of“am”.

Then the teacher gives commanding words the pupils say very quickly.

Step 6.T: Pointing to the two students. S: Hello , ….Hello, …. The pupil acts,he \she stand up.)

T: Thank you,…. Ask the other students to act as the teacher.

Step 7.Play a game .Ask the pupils to read and match the names. (Activity 1)

Step 8.Activity 2: Point and say about the picture.

Step 9.Teach the song What’s your name?

1. Listen to the tape and sing the song.

2. Divide class into three teams: The first team sing What’s your name? The second team sing

I’m Tony. The first team sing What’s your name? The third team I’m Jenny. The second team and the third team What’s your name? The first team sing I’m Gogo. Hey!

Step 10.Consolidation.

Step 11.Summary.

Step 11.Homework:

Read the words of page 8 and write them four times each word.


Unit 1 Hello!

Hello, I’m Gogo.

What’s your name?

Hi, I’m Tony.

Nice to meet you.

The Third Period


教学重点:学会字母及单词apple ,banana ,cat






Step 1.Sing the song.

Step 2.Guessing game.

Step 3.Play word game.

Step 4.Teach sounds and words.

T: Look at this picture. (Point to the picture of apple)

T: What’s this word? (Ss: apple)

Teach apple, banana, cat

Then tell the different meaning. Point to the pictures on the page and have Ss say the words. Help Ss if they have difficulty making the sound.

Step 5.Consolidation.

Step 6.Summary.

Step 7.Homework:

1. Finish the writing book.

2. Read the workbook and the writing twice.

3. Recite Unit one.


Unit 1 Hello!

Aa Bb Cc

apple banana cat

ant bear carrot

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