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1. You shouldn?t ________(put)your mobile phone beside the computer.

2. Would you like __________(take) some photos?

3.Give _______(he) a toy, please.

4.When_____ you _______ (go ) to school? I _____ (go) to school at five every day.

5. Look,the boys ____________(run).

6.All the students are very _________ (excite).

8.We are watching a ____________(swim) race.

9. Jim is watching TV. _________ (he) sister is ________(do) her homework.

10. There ____________(be) a pair of __________(glass) on the desk.

11. Would you like a ___________(glass) of milk?

12. The books ___________(be) not here, but they _________(be) here a moment ago.

13. It __________(be) there just now, but it isn?t there now.

14. All the students are ___________ (watch) a running race.

15. Su Hai __________________(look for) her films now .

16. The _______________ (child) are very excited.

17. Jane is ______________ (read) a newspaper.

18. My cousin ______________ (have) a CD Walkman.

19. Where are the _____________? (glass)

20. I?d like some _____________ (diary).

21. My father likes ___________ (listen) to the radio.

22.Helen often ____________(do) housework at the weekends.

23. It ____________ (be) there a moment ago.

24. We ____________ (be) in Beijing yesterday.

25. — Is she a Japanese girl?

— No, she?s a ___________ (China) girl.

26. _______ ( Jack ) birthday is on the first of January.

27. Tom usually _______ (have) a birthday party at home.



1. Look! Yang Ling _________ (drawing, is drawing) a picture.

2. Would you like _________ (play, to play) basketball with me?

3.-Can you _________(make, making) a model plane for me?

-Yes, I _________(is making, am making) a model plane now.

4. What are those in the bag? They?re _________(CD Walkman, CDs).

5. Let?s hurry. The bus is ________(come). 6. You shouldn?t ________(walk) on the grass.

7. Would you like _________(dance, to dance) with me.

8. I'd like________ (to make, make) a birthday cake.

9.How about___________(watch, watching)the running race?

10.That pair of earphones____(is , was)on the ground just now.

11. Look, the old man (waters, is watering) the flowers in the garden.

(mean, means) “Do not touch”.

13. Liu Tao likes (play, playing) football very much.

14. These (watch, watches) are from his parents.

15. This is not (my, mine) bag.

16. Helen dances (beautiful, beautifully).

17.I am ____________(excite)to see my old friend again.

18.He tells me an _________ (excite)story every day.

19.I _________ (be)a little girl three years ago.

20.You _________ (be)my teacher at that time.

21.There _________ (be)a pair of trousers on the bed just now.

22. Gao Shan is _______ ( show ) his stamps to _____( I ) now .

23. Don?t _______ ( make ) noise here .

24. What do the signs ______ ( mean )?

They _____ ( mean ) we shouldn?t walk on the grass .

25. What are the students _____(do) ? They?re ________ (read) books .

26. My father ______ ( play ) basketball every afternoon .

27. The sign on the wall ______ ( mean ) ?Danger? .

28. My birthday is __________(in, on )May .

29.The student of Class1 always_________(study, studies) hard.

30.The little dog ____________(wasn?t, isn?t ) here last week.


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