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What colour is it ?

It’s blue.

It’s green.

It’s blue. It’s yellow.

A:Hi______ ,I have a new bag.
B: What colour is it? A: It’s pink.

Pair work
…… A : I have a new sharpener.

B: Really? What colour is it?

A: look, It’s purple.……

It’s a panda. A fat panda!

A fat cat!

A fat pig!

How nice!

Listen and tick or cross.

1 Chen Jie has a new schoolbag. 2 Many books are in the schoolbag. An (×) English book, a notebook, and… 3 The panda is fat and nice.


Let’s play

---- I have a new…… ---- Really? What colour is it? ---- Guess! ……

Good to know

What the Chinese Who isare books people. inventor of made of ? paper ?

Sorry. Oh ! Paper. I don’t know. Great !

-----We have a new classroom.Let’s have a look.Let’s look at the door.What colour is it? ---- It’s yellow. Look at the light.What colour is it? ---- It’s white.

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