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广州版小学英语三年级下册Module 4

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Module Four

一 找出下面每组中不同类的词,把答案的字母编号写在括号内

( )1. A.American B. China C. British

( ) 2. A.goat B. pet C. mouse

( ) 3. A. goldfish B. cake C. cookies

( ) 4 . A. boy B. girl C. beautiful

二 看图将单词所缺的字母补充完整。

三 选择正确的单词填空

2 It isn’t a bus. It ’t) a truck.

( have,has) a stamp.

(at, in) the cat.

5 (Do,Are) you have cows?

6 I don’(some,any) pens.

四 阅读短文,选择答案填空,把答案的字母编号写在括号内。

Tom is a boy from England. This is his bedroom in England. It's very big and nice. There are two chairs and a desk in it. What's on the desk ? There are some books, a lamp and a pencil--case. There are three pencils , two pens, a ruler and a rubber in the pencil--case. Look, there are so many cute teddy bears on the bed. Tom and Mike like

them. Who's Mike ? He is Tom's friend.

( ) 1. This is A. Mike's B. Tom's

( ) .2 A. chairs B. desks

( ) 3 . case.

A. five B.three

( ) 4. A. brother B.friend

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