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牛津小学英语6A Unit3 It was there单元试卷 姓名__________班级__________学号__________


( ) 1.A. sports B. horse C. orange D. or

( ) 2.A. was B. what C. want D. water

( ) 3.A. excited B. elephant C. eleven D. behind

( ) 4.A.camera B. race C. can D. have

( ) 5.A. ground B. mouse C. house D. cousin


1. all the students___________________2. 寻找________________

3.try to___________________ 4. 一副耳机_________________

5. close your eyes _______________ 6. 体育运动日 _______________

7. in my study________________ 8. 刚才___________________

9. on the ground_________ 10. 三副眼镜______________


1.strawberry(复数)______________ 2. a moment ago(同义)______________

3.glass(复数) __________________ 4.are(过去式) ______________

5.they(宾格) __________________ 6.is,am(过去式) ______________

7. boy(复数) _________________ 8. diary(复数) ______________

9.photo(复数) __________________ 10. beautiful(副词) ______________

11.run(现在分词)_______________ 12.walkman (复数)__________

13. weren’t(完整形式)________ 14.on(反义词)___________

15.there(反义词)____________ 16. third(基数词)_________

17. two(序数词)______________ 18.nine(序数词)___________


1、I,now, a, about, know, lot, signs , public(.)


2、usually, you, birthday, do, party, have, a(?)


3、Nancy, a, race, and, watching, Helen, are, running(.)


4、a, there, ago, were, moment, they(.)


5、what, today, is, date, it(?)



( ) 1. Your watch was there _______.

A. now B. just now C. a moment D moment

( ) 2. My key is on the floor. Can you ________ for me?

A. pick it up B. pick up it C. lift it up D lift up it

( ) 3. My diary is _______ yours.

A. in the front of B. next to C. next D in

( ) 4. The photos aren’t there_______, but they were there ______.

A. a moment ago, now B. just now, a moment ago C. now, a moment

( ) 5. There _______ a pair of glasses under the newspaper a moment ago.

A. is B. were C. was D are

( ) 6. Try _______ where the things are

A. remember B. remembering C. to remember D remembers

( ) 7. Can you teach ________ English?

A. I B. me C. my D mine

( ) 8. All the people are very _______ now.

A. excite B. exciting C. excited D excites

( ) 9. She is_________ a _______ race in the playground.

A. watching, run B. looking, running C. watching, running D look, watch

( ) 10. _______ your sister at home yesterday?

A. Was B. Were C. Are D Am

( )11.---- What’s in the garden? -----There ________ a lot of flowers.

A. was B. were C. is

D. are

D. to playing D. aren’t D. CD; are ( ) 12 . Su Hai wants _________ football. A . playing B . to play ( ) 13 . It here now . A . wasn’t B . weren’t A. CDs; are

A. on B. CDs; were C . isn’t ( )14.---- Where are your ________? ----They _________ on the bookcase a moment ago. C. CD; were ( )15. New Year’s Day is _______ the first of January. B. at C. in D. with


1. The _______________ (child, children) are very excited.

2. Jane is ______________ (reading, read) a newspaper.

3. My cousin ______________ (have, has) a CD Walkman.

4. Where are the _______________? (glass, glasses)

5. It means we should ______________ ( keep, keeps) quiet.

6. My father likes _______________ (listen, listening) to the radio.

7. Helen often __________________ (does, do) housework at the weekends.

8. It ________________ (was, were ) there a moment ago.



What________ is it _________? It’s the ________ of __________. C . play


They ________ _______ a ________ ________.


________ is your _________? It’s_________ the _________.


They _________there a _________ ago.

5、你的眼镜刚才在哪里?它刚才在书桌上。不过现在它在书桌里。 Where _________ your _________just _________?

_________ _________on the dest just now.

But they _________ in the desk now.


( )1、Where’re the flowers? A.OK.

( )2、When’s your birthday? B.Yes, it was.

( )3、Was it there a moment ago? C.They are in the vase.

( )4、Who is very excited? D.It’s on Jan.10th .

( )5、How is your teacher. E. She is fine,thank you.

( )6、Let me see. F. David is.


1、They are watching a funny cartoon.(改成一般过去式)


2、It was there a moment ago.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) _________________________________________________

3、I am at home now. (改成一般过去式)


4、Her mother’s birthday is nd对画线部分提问) _________________________________________________

5、The guitar is on the table now.(改为一般过去式)


九.读短文,选择填空. (10分)


Mum: Hurry up, Jim! You’ll be late for school.

Jim: I can’t find my white T-shirt, Mum. It was on my bed just now. Mum: It’s next to the computer

Jim: Thanks! Oh, no! where are my brown trousers?

Mum: They’re on the sofa.

Jim: Now where are my socks? They were on the chair a moment ago. Mum: They’re under your bed, Jim. Can you see them?

Jim: Yes. Oh, no!

Mum: What’s the matter?

Jim: It’s a quarter to eight. I’m late for school!

( )1. Where was Jim’s white T-shirt?

A. on his bed B. on my bed C. next to the computer

( )2. What’s the time?

A. seven forty-five B. eight fifteen C. eight forty-five

( )3. Where are Jim’s brown trousers?

A. on his bed B. on the sofa C. on the chair

( )4. What colour are Jim’s socks? A. white B. brown C. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )5. Is Jim a careful boy? A. Yes. B. No. C. Sorry, I don’t know.


A:I want to call my friend. But I can’t find my mobile phone. Where is it,Mum? B: Is it in your desk?

A:No,it isn’t. It was there this morning.

B:Ah, I can see it. It’s on your chair now.

A:Thank you. Where are my glasses? I can’t see them.

B: I think they’re in your bag.

A:No, they’re not there.

B:They were there just now.

A:Can you find them for me please?

B:Oh, they’re behind your bag. Here they are,Ben.

A:Thank you.

B:You’re welcome. But look after your things carefully.


( )1.Mike can't find his mobile phone.

( )2.Ben’s mobile phone is on the table.

( )3.The glasses were in Ben’s bag a moment ago.

( )4.Mum helps Ben find his glasses and the mobile phone.

( )5.Ben looks after his things carefully.



1. You shouldn’t _____________ (walk) on the grass.

2. We ____________ (be) in Beijing a week ago.

3. The sign ____________ (mean) you can’t litter here.

4. Many children like ____________ (play) basketball after school.

5. — Which is the ________ (two) month(月) of a year?

— February.

6. — Is she a Japanese girl?

— No, she’s a ___________ (China) girl.

7. — Do you want to play chess this afternoon?

— No, I want to watch a ___________ (run) race in our school.

9. — Would you like ___________ (play) table tennis with me now?

— Yes, I’d love to.

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